Famous movie actresses died in the year 2001

Here are 50 famous actresses from the world died in 2001:

Arkie Whiteley

Arkie Whiteley (November 6, 1964 London-December 19, 2001 Palm Beach) otherwise known as Arkje Deya Whiteley, Arkie Whitely or Arkie Deya Whiteley was an Australian actor.

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June Salter

June Salter (June 22, 1932 Bexley-September 15, 2001 Mosman) otherwise known as June Marie Salter or June Marie Salter AM was an Australian actor and author. Her child is called John Meillon Jr..

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Megan Connolly

Megan Connolly (April 9, 1974 New South Wales-September 6, 2001 New South Wales) was an Australian actor.

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Peggy Cartwright

Peggy Cartwright (November 14, 1912 Vancouver-June 12, 2001 Victoria) a.k.a. Peggy Courtwright was a Canadian actor.

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Pauline Moore

Pauline Moore (June 17, 1914 Harrisburg-December 7, 2001 Sequim) was an American actor. She had three children, Wendy Machamer, Tom Machamer and Laurie Machamer.

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Charlotte Coleman

Charlotte Coleman (April 3, 1968 Islington-November 14, 2001 Holloway) also known as Charlotte Ninon Coleman was a British actor.

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Helen Cherry

Helen Cherry (November 24, 1915 Worsley-September 27, 2001 Bushey) otherwise known as Helen Mary Cherry was an English actor.

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Nora Eddington

Nora Eddington (February 25, 1924 Chicago-April 10, 2001 Glendale) also known as Nora Eddington Flynn, Nora Eddington Black, Nora or Nora Flynn was an American actor. She had three children, Deirdre Flynn, Rory Flynn and Kevin Black.

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Deborah Walley

Deborah Walley (August 12, 1941 Bridgeport-May 10, 2001 Sedona) was an American actor. Her children are called Anthony Brooks Ashley and Justin Ashley Reynolds.

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Dorothy Tutin

Dorothy Tutin (April 8, 1930 London-August 6, 2001 Midhurst) a.k.a. Dame Dorothy Tutin or Dame Dorothy Tutin CBE was an English actor. She had two children, Amanda Waring and Nick Waring.

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Gretchen Oehler

Gretchen Oehler (December 13, 1943 Chicago-September 8, 2001 Moose) was an American actor.

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Aaliyah (January 16, 1979 Brooklyn-August 25, 2001 Marsh Harbour) a.k.a. Aallyah, Aaliyah (Ah-lee-yah), Alliyah, Aliyah, Aalliyah, Aaliya, Aaliyah Dana Haughton, aaliyah, Aaliyah Haughton, Li Li, BabyGirl, Wonder Woman, Lee, Liyah or Queen of R&B was an American singer, model, actor and dancer.

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Norma MacMillan

Norma MacMillan (September 15, 1921 Vancouver-March 16, 2001 Vancouver) otherwise known as Norma Macmillan or Norma McMillan was a Canadian actor and voice actor. She had two children, Stefan Arngrim and Alison Arngrim.

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Gloria Foster

Gloria Foster (November 15, 1933 Chicago-September 29, 2001 New York City) was an American actor.

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Joan Sims

Joan Sims (May 9, 1930 Laindon-June 27, 2001 Chelsea) a.k.a. Irene Joan Marian Sims, Irene Joan Marion Sims, Joan Simms, Joanie, Queen of Puddings or The First Lady of Carry On was an English singer, actor and voice actor.

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Kim Stanley

Kim Stanley (February 11, 1925 Tularosa-August 20, 2001 Santa Fe) also known as Patricia Beth Reid, Patricia Kimberley Reid, The Female Brando or Patricia Reid was an American actor. Her child is called Laurie Ryder.

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Nyree Dawn Porter

Nyree Dawn Porter (January 22, 1936 Napier-April 10, 2001 London) otherwise known as Ngaire Dawn Porter was a New Zealand actor. She had one child, Tayla Halstead.

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Ann Sothern

Ann Sothern (January 22, 1909 Valley City-March 15, 2001 Ketchum) otherwise known as Harriette Lake, Harriet Byron, Foxy McNamara, Joan Larrabee, Harriet Lake, Ann Southern, Miss Ann Southern or Harriet Arlene Lake was an American actor, singer-songwriter and businessperson. She had one child, Tisha Sterling.

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Thuy Trang

Thuy Trang (December 14, 1973 Ho Chi Minh City-September 3, 2001 San Francisco) was an American actor.

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Dagmar (November 29, 1921 Yawkey-October 9, 2001 Ceredo) also known as Virginia Ruth Egnor, Jennie Lewis or Virginia Lewis was an American tv personality, talk show host, actor and pin-up girl.

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Jennifer Syme

Jennifer Syme (December 7, 1972 Pico Rivera-April 2, 2001 Los Angeles) otherwise known as Jennifer Maria Syme was an American actor. She had one child, Ava Archer Syme-Reeves.

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Kim Walker

Kim Walker (June 19, 1968 New York City-March 6, 2001 Los Angeles) also known as Kim Anne Walker, Kimberly Anne Walker or Kimberly Anne "Kim" Walker was an American actor.

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Arlene Francis

Arlene Francis (October 20, 1907 Boston-May 31, 2001 San Francisco) a.k.a. Arline Francis Kazanjian was an American actor, radio personality, tv personality and presenter. She had one child, Peter Gabel.

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Beatrice Straight

Beatrice Straight (August 2, 1914 Old Westbury-April 7, 2001 Los Angeles) a.k.a. Beatrice Whitney Straight was an American actor. She had two children, Tony Cookson and Gary Cookson.

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Molly Lamont

Molly Lamont (May 22, 1910 Boksburg-July 7, 2001 Brentwood) was an English actor.

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Anne Haney

Anne Haney (March 4, 1934 Memphis-May 26, 2001 Studio City) a.k.a. Anne Ryan Thomas, Ann Harvey, Anne T. Haney or Ann Haney was an American actor. She had one child, Melissa Haney.

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Sylvia Millecam

Sylvia Millecam (February 23, 1956 The Hague-August 19, 2001 Nijmegen) a.k.a. Sylvia Maria Millecam was a Dutch actor.

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Maria Karnilova

Maria Karnilova (August 3, 1920 Hartford-April 20, 2001 Manhattan) also known as Maria Dovgolenko or Maria Karniloff was an American actor. Her children are called Alexander Irving and Katherine Irving Stark.

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Lani O'Grady

Lani O'Grady (October 2, 1954 Walnut Creek-September 25, 2001 Valencia) also known as Lanita Rose Agrati was an American actor.

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Marguerite Viby

Marguerite Viby (June 25, 1909 Copenhagen-April 8, 2001 Copenhagen) otherwise known as Ida Marguerite Steenberg Jensen Viby was a Danish actor. She had one child, Susse Wold.

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Rosemary DeCamp

Rosemary DeCamp (November 14, 1910 Prescott-February 20, 2001 Newport Beach) also known as Rosemary De Camp was an American actor. Her children are called Valerie Shidler, Margaret Shidler, Martha Shidler and Nita Shidler.

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Kristina Söderbaum

Kristina Söderbaum (September 5, 1912 Stockholm-February 12, 2001 Hitzacker) a.k.a. Kristina Soderbaum, Beata Margareta Kristina Söderbaum, Reichswasserleiche, Blond Ambition, Blonde Bitch of Goebbels or The Queen of UFA was a Swedish photographer and actor.

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Irma Seikkula

Irma Seikkula (May 14, 1914 Helsinki-July 8, 2001 Helsinki) was a Finnish actor.

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Sachiko Hidari

Sachiko Hidari (June 29, 1930 Toyama-November 7, 2001 Tokyo) also known as Sachiko Nukamura, Sachiko Hiodari, 額村幸子 or 左幸子 was a Japanese actor. She had one child, Mio Hani.

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Eileen Heckart

Eileen Heckart (March 29, 1919 Columbus-December 31, 2001 Norwalk) a.k.a. Anna Eileen Heckart, Anna Eileen Herbert, Irene Heckart, Heckie or Anna Eileen Stark was an American actor. Her children are called Luke Yankee, Philip Yankee and Mark Yankee.

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Viveka Seldahl

Viveka Seldahl (March 15, 1944 Jämtland-November 3, 2001 Stockholm) a.k.a. Viveca Sehldal, Viveka Kristina Seldahl or Seldahl, Viveka was a Swedish actor. Her child is called Kalle Seldahl.

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Michiyo Aratama

Michiyo Aratama (January 15, 1930 Nara-March 17, 2001 Tokyo) also known as Kyoko Toda or Aratama Michiyo was a Japanese actor.

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Peggy Mount

Peggy Mount (May 2, 1915 Leigh-on-Sea-November 13, 2001 Denville Hall) also known as Margaret Rose Mount, Peggy or Margaret Rose "Peggy" Mount OBE was an English actor.

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Eleanor Summerfield

Eleanor Summerfield (March 7, 1921 London-July 13, 2001 Westminster) also known as Eleanor Audrey Summerfield was an English actor. Her children are called Robin Sachs and Toby Sachs.

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Margaretha Krook

Margaretha Krook (October 15, 1925 Stockholm-May 7, 2001 Stockholm) also known as Margareta Knutsdotter Krook, Margareta Krook, Margaretha Krooks, Margaretha Knutsdotter Krook, Margaretha Krook Knutsdotter or Margaretha Knutsdotter Krook Hammar was a Swedish actor. She had one child, Lotta Hammar.

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Chhaya Devi

Chhaya Devi (November 27, 2014 Bhagalpur-April 27, 2001 Kolkata) a.k.a. Miss Chhaya, Chaya Devi, Chhayadevi or Chhaya Debi was an Indian actor.

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Bhakti Barve

Bhakti Barve (September 10, 1948 Mumbai-February 12, 2001) otherwise known as Bhakti Barve Inamdar was an Indian actor.

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Tisha Sterling

Tisha Sterling (December 10, 1944 Los Angeles-November 27, 2014) otherwise known as Patricia Sterling or Patricia Ann Sterling was an American actor and florist. She had one child, Heidi Bates Hogan.

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Jane Welsh

Jane Welsh (January 14, 1905 Bristol-November 27, 2001 London) a.k.a. Louisa Joyce Tudor-Jones was a British actor.

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Ruth Hellberg

Ruth Hellberg (November 2, 1906 Berlin-April 26, 2001 Feldafing) also known as Ruth Holl was a German actor and voice actor.

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Joan Wheeler

Joan Wheeler (January 8, 1913 Palo Alto-December 20, 2001 Los Angeles) a.k.a. Joan Wheeler Ankrum or Joan Natalia Wheeler was an American actor and businessperson. Her children are called David Ankrum and Cary Ankrum.

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Toby Wing

Toby Wing (July 14, 1915 Amelia Courthouse-March 22, 2001 Mathews) a.k.a. Martha Virginia Wing or Toby Wing Merrill was an American actor and showgirl. Her child is called Richard Merrill.

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Bonnie Lee Bakley

Bonnie Lee Bakley (June 7, 1956 Morristown-May 4, 2001 Studio City) also known as Lee Bonny, Leebonny or Bonny Lee Bakely was an American actor and singer. She had four children, Holly Lee Gawron, Jeri Lee Lewis, Glenn Paul Gawron and Rose Lenore Sophia Blake.

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Kathleen Freeman

Kathleen Freeman (February 17, 1919 Chicago-August 23, 2001 New York City) also known as Katherine Freeman was an American actor and voice actor.

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Virginia O'Brien

Virginia O'Brien (April 18, 1919 Los Angeles-January 16, 2001 Woodland Hills) also known as Virginia Lee O'Brien, "Miss Red Hot Frozen Face", Miss Ice Glacier, Frozen Face or Miss Deadpan was an American singer and actor. She had four children, Terri O'Brien, Liz Watkins, Gale Evans and John Feggo.

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