Filipino actors who were born in 1986

Here are 10 famous actors from Philippines were born in 1986:

Mark Herras

Mark Herras (December 14, 1986 Santa Rosa-) also known as Mark Angelo S. Herras, mark_herras, Mark Angelo Santos Herras, Bad Boy of the Dance Floor, Mark, Maki, Makoy or Ultimate Bad Boy of the Dance Floor is a Filipino actor and dancer.

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Dion Ignacio

Dion Ignacio (March 28, 1986 Siniloan, Laguna-) also known as Dion Joseph V. Ignacio or Dion Joseph Ignacio is a Filipino actor and model.

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Mike Tan

Mike Tan (December 31, 1986 Angono-) also known as Jan Michael S. Tan or Jan Michael Silverio Tan is a Filipino actor.

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JC de Vera

JC de Vera (March 10, 1986 Manila-) also known as John Carlo de Vera or J.C. de Vera is a Filipino actor.

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Joem Bascon

Joem Bascon (August 29, 1986 Manila-) otherwise known as Joseph Emmanuel Bascon, Joseph Emmanuel Paluenzula Bascon or Joseph Emmanuel Palenzuela Bascon is a Filipino actor.

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Geoff Taylor

Geoff Taylor (May 26, 1986 Olongapo-) a.k.a. Geoffrey Seminiano Taylor is a Filipino model, actor and singer.

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Kian Kazemi

Kian Kazemi (January 26, 1986-) a.k.a. Kian Reza Kazemi is a Filipino actor.

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Steven Silva

Steven Silva (November 27, 1986 Oceanside-) also known as Steven Joseph Lao Silva, Steven Joseph Silva, The Boy, Shiruba or Shirubang is a Filipino actor and chef.

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Alex Vincent Medina

Alex Vincent Medina (May 26, 1986 Manila-) a.k.a. Alex Medina is a Filipino actor.

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Manny Guevara

Manny Guevara (October 16, 1986 Yokosuka-) also known as Manny Guevara Jr., Manuel Bucoy Guevara II, Manny Streetz, Manny Streetz Guevara, Manuel Guevarra Jr., Manny Bucoy, Manny Streets or Manny on the Streets is a Filipino songwriter, record producer, singer, actor, television producer and film producer. His children are called Michael Guzzo Guevara, Isabel Guevara and Joshua Guevara.

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