Finnish actresses born in 1946

Here are 6 famous actresses from Finland were born in 1946:

Tarja Markus

Tarja Markus (January 14, 1946 Riihimäki-) a.k.a. Tarja Antikainen or Tarja-Liisa Antikainen is a Finnish actor.

Kirsti Kemppainen

Kirsti Kemppainen (June 26, 1946 Helsinki-March 26, 1997 Vihti) also known as Aino-Kirsti Kemppainen was a Finnish actor.

Nadja Pyykkö

Nadja Pyykkö (December 10, 1946 Rauma-March 8, 2007 Helsinki) a.k.a. Taina Saario, Nadja Melleri, Nadja Saario or Taina Melleri was a Finnish casting director and actor. She had one child, Marja Pyykkö.

Aila Svedberg

Aila Svedberg (November 13, 1946 Helsinki-) also known as Aila Kyllikki Rehmonen is a Finnish actor and voice actor.

Eva Polttila

Eva Polttila (April 1, 1946 Helsinki-) also known as Eeva Polttila is a Finnish journalist and actor.

Pirkko Nurmi

Pirkko Nurmi (December 4, 1946 Helsinki-) also known as Pirkko Sinikka Nurmi is a Finnish actor.

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