Finnish music stars born in 1948

Here are 5 famous musicians from Finland were born in 1948:

Mikko Heiniö

Mikko Heiniö (May 18, 1948-) a.k.a. Mikko Heinio or Heiniö, Mikko is a Finnish , .

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Jukka Tiensuu

Jukka Tiensuu (August 30, 1948 Helsinki-) a.k.a. Tiensuu, Jukka is a Finnish conductor.

His albums include Minds and Moods, The Frivolous Harpsichord and From Scandinavia.

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Sammy Babitzin

Sammy Babitzin (July 11, 1948 Helsinki-April 29, 1973) a.k.a. Aleksandr Babitzin was a Finnish singer.

His most important albums: .

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Hasse Walli

Hasse Walli (February 10, 1948 Helsinki-) is a Finnish film score composer.

Discography: Winners, Sweet Nina, African Sky, and The Best of Hasse Walli & Asamaan.

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Martti Wallén

Martti Wallén (November 20, 1948 Helsinki-) is a Finnish opera singer and singer.

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