Finnish music stars died at age 44

Here are 6 famous musicians from Finland died at 44:

Joel Pettersson

Joel Pettersson (June 8, 1892 Lemland-January 5, 1937) was a Finnish writer.

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Jarl Öhman

Jarl Öhman (November 14, 1891-January 20, 1936) was a Finnish personality.

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Erkki Kataja

Erkki Kataja (June 19, 1924-April 27, 1969) a.k.a. Erkki Olavi Kataja was a Finnish personality.

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Matti Pellonpää

Matti Pellonpää (March 28, 1951 Helsinki-July 13, 1995 Vaasa) also known as Matti Pellonpaa, Matti Kalervo Pellonpää or Peltsi was a Finnish actor and musician.

He died as a result of heart failure.

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Hugo Simberg

Hugo Simberg (June 24, 1873 Hamina-July 12, 1917 Ähtäri) also known as Simberg, Hugo or Hugo Gerhard Simberg was a Finnish painter and graphic artist.

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Mirja Mane

Mirja Mane (May 9, 1929 Helsinki-April 21, 1974) also known as Mirjam Manelius, Impi Maria Mirjami Manelius, Impi Maria Mirjami Mane or Mirjami Maneliu was a Finnish actor.

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