Finnish music stars died at age 70

Here are 16 famous musicians from Finland died at 70:

Mika Waltari

Mika Waltari (September 19, 1908 Helsinki-August 26, 1979 Helsinki) was a Finnish writer, novelist, translator and academician. He had one child, Satu Waltari.

He died caused by cancer.

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Sally Salminen

Sally Salminen (April 25, 1906 Vårdö-July 18, 1976 Copenhagen) was a Finnish writer.

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Georg Kåhre

Georg Kåhre (April 5, 1899-April 5, 1969) otherwise known as Georg Kahre was a Finnish writer.

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Ere Kokkonen

Ere Kokkonen (July 7, 1938 Savonlinna-October 16, 2008 Helsinki) also known as Erkki Olavi Kokkonen, Erkki Kokkonen or Esko Laukka was a Finnish film director. He had one child, Kiti Kokkonen.

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Lauri Honko

Lauri Honko (March 6, 1932 Hanko-July 15, 2002 Turku) was a Finnish scientist.

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Ossi Kauppi

Ossi Kauppi (April 19, 1929-April 16, 2000) was a Finnish personality.

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Verner Järvinen

Verner Järvinen (March 4, 1870 Juupajoki-January 31, 1941 Tampere) was a Finnish personality. He had two children, Matti Järvinen and Akilles Järvinen.

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Yrjö Nikkanen

Yrjö Nikkanen (December 31, 1914 Russian Empire-November 18, 1985) also known as Yrjo Nikkanen or Yrjo Jouko Nikkanen was a Finnish personality.

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Arvid Mörne

Arvid Mörne (May 6, 1876 Kuopio-June 15, 1946 Kauniainen) was a Finnish writer and poet.

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Jakob Sederholm

Jakob Sederholm (July 20, 1863 Helsinki-June 26, 1934) also known as J. J. Sederholm or Jakob Johannes Sederholm was a Finnish geologist.

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Pentti Irjala

Pentti Irjala (September 23, 1911 Kemi-June 25, 1982 Helsinki) a.k.a. Pentti Irjalan was a Finnish actor.

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Emil Lindh

Emil Lindh (April 15, 1867 Helsinki-September 3, 1937 Helsinki) was a Finnish sailor.

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Herman Gummerus

Herman Gummerus (December 24, 1877 Saint Petersburg-July 18, 1948 Helsinki) was a Finnish politician.

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Reima Pietilä

Reima Pietilä (August 25, 1923 Turku-August 26, 1993 Helsinki) a.k.a. Frans Reima Ilmari Pietilä was a Finnish architect. He had one child, Annukka Pietilä.

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Jenny Tschernichin-Larsson

Jenny Tschernichin-Larsson (April 5, 1867 Finland-June 15, 1937 Stockholm) was a Finnish actor.

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Ture Junttu

Ture Junttu (April 28, 1911 Pirkkala-September 24, 1981) also known as Ture Armas Junttu was a Finnish actor.

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