French actors who were born in 1962

Here are 11 famous actors from France were born in 1962:

Simon Abkarian

Simon Abkarian (March 5, 1962 Gonesse-) otherwise known as Simone Abkarian is a French actor, voice actor and choreographer. He has one child, Djivan Abkarian.

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Marc Minkowski

Marc Minkowski (October 4, 1962 Paris-) otherwise known as Minkowski, Marc or Mark Minkowski is a French conductor, actor, music artist and musician.

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Gustave Kervern

Gustave Kervern (December 27, 1962 Mauritius-) a.k.a. Gustave Kervern, Gustave K/Vern, Gustave de Kerven, Gustav Kerven, Gustave de K/Vern, Gustav Kervern, Gus or Gustaver Kervern is a French film director, screenwriter and actor.

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Marc Lavoine

Marc Lavoine (August 6, 1962 Longjumeau-) a.k.a. Marc Lucien Lavoine or M. Oats is a French singer and actor. He has four children, Yasmine Lavoine, Roman Lavoine, Milo Lavoine and Simon Lavoine.

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Angelo Debarre

Angelo Debarre (August 19, 1962 Saint-Denis-) is a French musician and actor.

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Michel Vuillermoz

Michel Vuillermoz (December 18, 1962 Orléans-) otherwise known as Michel Vuillermoz de la Comédie Française, Michel Vuillermoz Sociétaire de la Comédie-Française or Michel Vuillermoz Sociétaire de la Comédie Française is a French actor and screenwriter.

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Thierry Frémont

Thierry Frémont (July 24, 1962 Ozoir-la-Ferrière-) also known as Thierry Fremont is a French actor.

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Jean-Paul Lilienfeld

Jean-Paul Lilienfeld (July 17, 1962 Paris-) also known as Jean-Paul Lilenfeld is a French actor, screenwriter, film director, television director and writer.

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Gérard Vives

Gérard Vives (November 30, 1962 Choisy-le-Roi-) also known as Gérard Vivès is a French actor, comedian and presenter.

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Dominique Farrugia

Dominique Farrugia (September 2, 1962 Vichy-) also known as Farrugia, Dominique, Dominique Farugia or Dominique Spiridion Léon Farrugia is a French actor, film producer, television producer, screenwriter, film director, television director and humorist. He has two children, Mia Farrugia and Zoé Ferrugia.

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Lionel Robert

Lionel Robert (April 20, 1962-) is a French actor and race car driver.

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