Thai movie stars born in 1963

Here are 6 famous actresses from Thailand were born in 1963:

Ratklao Amaradit

Ratklao Amaradit (October 16, 1963 Thailand-) otherwise known as Tongneng, Rudklao Amratisha or Radklao Amradit is a Thai actor and singer.

Chanana Nutakom

Chanana Nutakom (November 23, 1963-) also known as Dee is a Thai actor and singer.

Surattana Kongthrakul

Surattana Kongthrakul (August 21, 1963-) is a Thai actor.

Supatta Wanthivanond

Supatta Wanthivanond (November 22, 1963 Thailand-) is a Thai actor.

Hatthaya Wongkrachang

Hatthaya Wongkrachang (September 10, 1963-) is a Thai actor and disc jockey. Her children are called Supara Wongkrachang and Sitala Wongkrachang.

Natha Lloyd

Natha Lloyd (November 27, 1963 Thailand-) a.k.a. Mai is a Thai actor.

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