Hungarian actors born in 1939

Here are 9 famous actors from Hungary were born in 1939:

Michu Meszaros

Michu Meszaros (September 20, 1939 Budapest-) a.k.a. Mihaly 'Michu' Meszaros, Mihaly 'Michu' Mesza or Mihály 'Michu' Mészáros is a Hungarian actor.

Elemér Ragályi

Elemér Ragályi (April 18, 1939 Rákosliget-) also known as Elemer Ragalyi or Elemer Regalyi is a Hungarian cinematographer, film director and actor.

Vilmos Izsóf

Vilmos Izsóf (May 19, 1939 Győr-) is a Hungarian actor and voice actor.

György Fehér

György Fehér (February 12, 1939 Budapest-July 15, 2002 Budapest) also known as György Feher was a Hungarian screenwriter, film director, cinematographer and actor.

István Fonyó

István Fonyó (January 2, 1939 Dunakeszi-April 8, 2003 Budapest) was a Hungarian actor. He had two children, Ilona Fonyó and Barbara Fonyó.

Pál Sándor

Pál Sándor (October 19, 1939 Budapest-) also known as Pal Sandor is a Hungarian film producer, film director, screenwriter, actor and television producer.

Gábor Csíkos

Gábor Csíkos (April 3, 1939 Szeged-December 29, 1996 Hungary) otherwise known as Csikós Gábor was a Hungarian actor.

Gyula Áts

Gyula Áts (March 20, 1939 Miercurea Ciuc-) also known as Ács Gyula is a Hungarian actor.

Kálmán Koletár

Kálmán Koletár (June 29, 1939 Alibunar-January 22, 1982 Budapest) was a Hungarian actor.

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