Lithuanian actors born in 1973

Here are 5 famous actors from Lithuania were born in 1973:

Linas Karalius

Linas Karalius (September 11, 1973 Vilnius-) is a Lithuanian politician, actor and musician. His children are called Eglę Karalius and Vėjas Karalius.

Dainius Gavenonis

Dainius Gavenonis (March 11, 1973 Kaunas-) is a Lithuanian actor.

Darius Petkevicius

Darius Petkevicius (October 24, 1973 Panevėžys-) otherwise known as Darius Petkevičius is a Lithuanian actor.

Nerijus Gadliauskas

Nerijus Gadliauskas (February 7, 1973 Zarasai-) is a Lithuanian actor.

Algirdas Gradauskas

Algirdas Gradauskas (December 7, 1973 Vilnius-) is a Lithuanian actor.

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