Swedish actresses who were born in 1939

Here are 11 famous actresses from Sweden were born in 1939:

Birgitta Pettersson

Birgitta Pettersson (January 7, 1939 Uppsala-) is a Swedish actor.

Inger Taube

Inger Taube (August 14, 1939 Gothenburg-December 23, 1996 Stockholm) also known as Asta Inger Margareta Taube or Asta Inger Margareta Ahman was a Swedish actor and fashion model. She had one child, Jesper Taube.

Ulla Strömstedt

Ulla Strömstedt (November 27, 1939 Stockholm-June 13, 1986 Cannes) also known as Ulla Stroemstedt, Ulla Stromstedt or Ulla Strömstedt-Cole was a Swedish actor.

Katja Bergström

Katja Bergström (March 31, 1939 Örnsköldsvik-) is a Swedish actor.

Maja Olsson

Maja Olsson (September 3, 1939 Landskrona-) otherwise known as Margareta Olsson is a Swedish actor.

Monica Strömmerstedt

Monica Strömmerstedt (August 10, 1939 Karlskrona-October 20, 2011) was a Swedish actor and author.

Maria Hörnelius

Maria Hörnelius (May 22, 1939 Sundsvall-) also known as Hörnelius, Maria is a Swedish actor and musician.

Lena Ewert

Lena Ewert (February 1, 1939 Annedal-) is a Swedish actor and film director.

Moniqa Sunnerberg

Moniqa Sunnerberg (May 3, 1939 Linköping-) is a Swedish actor.

Karin Ekström

Karin Ekström (July 5, 1939 Hammarby, Stockholm-) is a Swedish actor.

(June 19, 1939 Bromma-August 14, 1986 Österåker Municipality) also known as Inger Elisabet Axö was a Swedish actor.

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