French actors who were born in 1982

Here are 5 famous actors from France were born in 1982:

Tony Parker

Tony Parker (May 17, 1982 Bruges-) also known as William Anthony Parker, Parker, Tony, T. P., Tony P, William Anthony "Tony" Parker Jr., William Anthony Parker, Jr. or William Anthony "Tony" Parker, Jr. is a French basketball player, athlete and actor. He has one child, Josh Parker.

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Julien Doré

Julien Doré (July 7, 1982 Alès-) also known as Doré, Julien or Julian Goldy is a French singer, singer-songwriter, film score composer and actor.

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Edward Akrout

Edward Akrout (September 27, 1982 Paris-) a.k.a. Edward Anthony Akrout is a French actor.

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Issa Doumbia

Issa Doumbia (June 10, 1982 Trappes-) is a French actor.

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Julien Kang

Julien Kang (April 11, 1982 Saint Pierre and Miquelon-) is a French actor and model.

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