Norwegian movie stars died at 76

Here are 6 famous actors from Norway died at 76:

Rolv Wesenlund

Rolv Wesenlund (September 17, 1936 Horten-August 18, 2013 Oslo) also known as Rolv Helge Wesenlund or Rolf Wesenlund was a Norwegian actor, comedian, singer, writer and clarinetist.

He died as a result of disease.

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Sverre Hansen

Sverre Hansen (August 24, 1919 Bergen-October 21, 1995 Oslo) was a Norwegian actor.

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Halfdan Christensen

Halfdan Christensen (December 12, 1873-September 17, 1950) a.k.a. Christensen, Halfdan was a Norwegian actor and theatre director. He had two children, Pelle Christensen and Bab Christensen.

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Egil Hjorth-Jenssen

Egil Hjorth-Jenssen (April 18, 1893 Halden-November 8, 1969 Bærum) a.k.a. Egil Hjorth-Jensen was a Norwegian actor, theatre director and writer. His child is called Thor Hjorth-Jenssen.

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Georg Løkkeberg

Georg Løkkeberg (November 20, 1909 Fredrikstad-August 19, 1986 Norway) also known as Georg Emil Løkkeberg, Georg Lökkeberg or Georg Lokkeberg was a Norwegian actor. His children are called Pål Løkkeberg and Cecilie Løkkeberg.

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Odd Grythe

Odd Grythe (November 14, 1918 Lillehammer-February 7, 1995) also known as Odd Horn Grythe was a Norwegian actor and screenwriter. He had one child, Hilde Grythe.

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