French actors who deceased at age 72

Here are 13 famous actors from France died at 72:

Sacha Guitry

Sacha Guitry (February 21, 1885 Saint Petersburg-July 24, 1957 Paris) also known as Guitry, Sacha, Alexandre-Pierre Georges Guitry, Alexandre-Georges Guitry, M. Sacha Guitry, L'Auteur or Sacha was a French screenwriter, film director, actor and playwright.

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Jean Gabin

Jean Gabin (May 17, 1904 Paris-November 15, 1976 Neuilly-sur-Seine) otherwise known as Jean-Alexis Moncorgé, Jean Moncorgé, Alexis Moncourge, Jean-Alexis Moncorge or Jean Alexis Gabin Moncorgé was a French actor, singer, film producer and soldier. His children are Florence Gabin, Valérie Moncorgé and Mathias Moncorgé.

He died as a result of myocardial infarction.

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Roger Vadim

Roger Vadim (January 26, 1928 Paris-February 11, 2000 Paris) also known as Roger Vladimir Plemiannikov, R. Vadim, Vadim or Roger Vladimir Igorevich Plemyannikov was a French film director, actor, screenwriter, film producer, journalist, author and television director. He had four children, Christian Vadim, Nathalie Vadim, Vanessa Vadim and Vania Plemiannikov.

He died as a result of lymphoma.

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Jean Rollin

Jean Rollin (November 3, 1938 Neuilly-sur-Seine-December 15, 2010 Paris) a.k.a. Robert Xavier, Jean Pierre Sammut, J.A. Laser, Michel Gand, J.A. Lazar, Michael Gentle, Michel Gentil, Jean Michel Rollin Le Gentil or J.A. Lazer was a French film director, writer, actor, film producer, cinematographer, screenwriter and pornographic film actor. He had two children, Carel Rollin and Serge Rollin.

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Louis Daquin

Louis Daquin (May 20, 1908 Calais-October 2, 1980 Paris) was a French actor, film director and television director. His child is Michel Recanati.

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Paul Azaïs

Paul Azaïs (May 6, 1902 Paris-November 17, 1974 Paris) also known as Paul François Robert Azaïs, Azaïs, P. Azaïs, Azais or Paul Francis Robert Azaïs was a French actor.

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Jean-Pierre Kérien

Jean-Pierre Kérien (March 15, 1912 Le Havre-April 9, 1984 Paris) also known as J.P. Kérien, Kérien, Kerien or Jean-Pierre Kerien was a French actor.

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Serge Nubret

Serge Nubret (October 6, 1938 Anse-Bertrand-April 19, 2011 Pierrefitte-sur-Seine) was a French bodybuilder and actor. He had three children, Pascale Nubret, Stanley Nubret and Karine Nubret.

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Raoul Paoli

Raoul Paoli (November 24, 1887 Courtalain-March 23, 1960 Paris) was a French actor and athlete.

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François Chaumette

François Chaumette (September 8, 1923 Paris-February 27, 1996 Paris) also known as François Chaumette sociétaire de la Comédie Française or Jean Paul Maurice François Chaumette was a French actor. He had three children, Sarah Chaumette, Thomas Chaumette and Mary Chaumette.

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Jacques Fabbri

Jacques Fabbri (July 4, 1925 14th arrondissement of Paris-December 24, 1997 Tourgéville) otherwise known as Jacques Fabri, Jacques Fabricotti or Jacques Claude Fabbricotti was a French actor, screenwriter and film director. He had two children, Clémence Fabbricotti and Catherine Fabbricotti.

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Robert Le Vigan

Robert Le Vigan (January 7, 1900 Paris-October 12, 1972 Tandil) otherwise known as Robert-Charles-Alexandre Coquillaud, R. Le Vigan, Le Vigan, Robert Charles Alexandre Coquillaud or Robert Levigan was a French actor.

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Jean Martinelli

Jean Martinelli (August 15, 1910 Paris-March 13, 1983 Paris) also known as Jean Siegfried Martinet was a French actor and voice actor.

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