French actors who deceased in 1972

Here are 9 famous actors from France died in 1972:

Maurice Chevalier

Maurice Chevalier (September 12, 1888 Ménilmontant-January 1, 1972 Paris) a.k.a. Maurice Auguste Chevalier, Maurice Chavalier or Mo was a French singer, actor, entertainer and dancer.

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Boby Lapointe

Boby Lapointe (April 16, 1922 Pézenas-June 29, 1972 Pézenas) also known as Bobby Lapointe, Lapointe, Boby, Robert (Boby) Lapointe, Robert, Jean-François, Joseph, Pascal Lapointe, Bobby La Pointe, Le chanteur sous-titré or Robert Lapointe was a French singer, actor and mathematician. He had two children, Ticha Lapointe and Jacky Lapointe.

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Pierre Brasseur

Pierre Brasseur (December 22, 1905 Paris-August 14, 1972 Bruneck) also known as Pierre Espinasse or Pierre-Albert Espinasse was a French actor and screenwriter. He had one child, Claude Brasseur.

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René-Jean Chauffard

René-Jean Chauffard (August 24, 1920 Paris-October 30, 1972 Paris) also known as Jean-Louis Chauffart, R.J. Chauffar, R.J. Chauffard, Chauffard, R.J .Chauffard or Rémi J. Chauffard was a French actor.

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Jean Brochard

Jean Brochard (March 12, 1893 Nantes-June 17, 1972 Nantes) also known as Brochard or J. Brochard was a French actor.

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Thomy Bourdelle

Thomy Bourdelle (April 20, 1891 Paris-June 27, 1972 Toulon) also known as Thomy Charles Bourdelle, Bourdel, Tommy Bourdel or Thomy Charles Bourdel was a French actor.

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Raymond Souplex

Raymond Souplex (June 1, 1901 Paris-November 22, 1972 Paris) also known as Raymond Guillermain was a French actor. He had one child, Perrette Souplex.

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Robert Le Vigan

Robert Le Vigan (January 7, 1900 Paris-October 12, 1972 Tandil) otherwise known as Robert-Charles-Alexandre Coquillaud, R. Le Vigan, Le Vigan, Robert Charles Alexandre Coquillaud or Robert Levigan was a French actor.

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Robert Moor

Robert Moor (July 17, 1889 Rouen-December 23, 1972 Suresnes) also known as Moor, Morr or Robert Jean Alexandre Mouret was a French actor.

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