Mexican actors who were born in 1905

Here are 8 famous actors from Mexico were born in 1905:

Fernando Wagner

Fernando Wagner (November 7, 1905 Göttingen-October 20, 1973 Cuernavaca) otherwise known as Ferdinand Wagner was a Mexican film director, actor, television director and cinematographer.

Arturo de Córdova

Arturo de Córdova (May 8, 1905 Mérida-November 3, 1973 Mexico City) also known as Arturo García Rodríguez or The Speaker of elegance was a Mexican actor.

Miguel M. Delgado

Miguel M. Delgado (May 17, 1905 Mexico City-January 2, 1994) otherwise known as Miguel Delgado, M.M. Delgado, Miguel María Delgado, Miguel Melitón Delgado or Miguel Melitón Delgado Pardavé was a Mexican film director, screenwriter and actor.

Alfonso Sánchez Tello

Alfonso Sánchez Tello (March 8, 1905 Mexico-April 18, 1979 La Jolla) also known as Alfonso Sánchez-Tello, Alfonso Sanchez Tello, Sanchez Tello or Alfonso S. Tello was a Mexican film producer and actor.

Juan Garcia

Juan Garcia (February 5, 1905 Matamoros-November 5, 1980 Mexico City) also known as Juan García was a Mexican actor and screenwriter.

Zacarías Gómez Urquiza

Zacarías Gómez Urquiza (November 5, 1905-) otherwise known as Zacarias Gomez Urquiza, Zacarías Gómez U., Z. Gomez Urquiza, Z. Gómez Urquiza or Zacarías G. Urquiza is a Mexican film director, screenwriter and actor.

Antonio Bribiesca

Antonio Bribiesca (January 23, 1905 Mexico City-January 9, 1980 Mexico City) a.k.a. Antonio Bribiesca or Antonio Bibriesca was a Mexican actor.

Raphael J. Sevilla

Raphael J. Sevilla (September 3, 1905 Mexico City-January 2, 1975 Mexico City) also known as Raphael Sevilla Jr., Rafael Sevilla or Raphael Sevilla was a Mexican film director, screenwriter, film producer, actor, writer and film editor.

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