Israeli actresses born in 1971

Here are 8 famous actresses from Israel were born in 1971:

Melanie Peres

Melanie Peres (December 1, 1971 Berlin-) otherwise known as Melanie Mariam Thanee Frasch is an Israeli model, actor and singer.

Orly Weinerman

Orly Weinerman (June 21, 1971 Tel Aviv-) is an Israeli actor, model and singer.

Nina Kotler

Nina Kotler (June 9, 1971 Israel-) is an Israeli actor.

Ela Thier

Ela Thier (June 30, 1971 Israel-) is an Israeli screenwriter, film producer, film director, film editor and actor.

Sarit Vino-Elad

Sarit Vino-Elad (August 26, 1971 Israel-) also known as Sarit Vinograd is an Israeli actor.

Galit Giat

Galit Giat (October 3, 1971 Giv'at Shmuel-) is an Israeli actor.

Mira Tzur

Mira Tzur (June 20, 1971 Tel Aviv-) is an Israeli actor.

Lirit Balaban

Lirit Balaban (December 11, 1971 Kiryat Tiv'on-) is an Israeli actor.

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