Swedish actors who were born in 1984

Here are 15 famous actors from Sweden were born in 1984:

Farzan Athari

Farzan Athari (June 26, 1984 Tehran-) is a Swedish model and actor.

Fredrik af Trampe

Fredrik af Trampe (November 18, 1984 Resarö-) also known as Osquar Bertil Fredrik af Trampe, Hustler, Fredde, Affe or Trampe is a Swedish actor, author and journalist.

Fillip Williams

Fillip Williams (February 6, 1984-) also known as Williams, Fillip is a Swedish singer and actor.

John Lindquist

John Lindquist (March 2, 1984 Stockholm-) is a Swedish actor, film editor, film director, screenwriter, film producer and cinematographer.

Messiah Hallberg

Messiah Hallberg (January 18, 1984 Stockholm-) also known as Marten Messiah Nils Gustav Hallberg is a Swedish actor.

Tommy Karlsson

Tommy Karlsson (June 15, 1984 Karlstad-) otherwise known as Leif Tommy Karlsson, Kaiser, Royal Karlsson, Royal or Tommy Staaff Karlsson is a Swedish actor and screenwriter.

Filipp Panov

Filipp Panov (November 7, 1984-) also known as Philip Panov or Philip Tom Nils Panov is a Swedish actor.

Hamadi Khemiri

Hamadi Khemiri (August 25, 1984-) a.k.a. Sami Hamadi Per Khemiri is a Swedish voice actor and actor.

Victor von Schirach

Victor von Schirach (May 24, 1984-) a.k.a. Victor Apollinaire Bartolomei von Schirach-Szmigiel is a Swedish actor.

Niklas Grönberg

Niklas Grönberg (June 29, 1984 Norrbotten-) also known as Nicke is a Swedish actor, musician and composer.

Anders Nordahl

Anders Nordahl (June 26, 1984 Gothenburg-) a.k.a. Anders Lars Erik Nordahl is a Swedish actor.

Emil Ahlén

Emil Ahlén (December 3, 1984 Österhaninge-) a.k.a. Emil Johannes Ahlén or Emil Ahlen is a Swedish actor and film producer.

Johan Stattin

Johan Stattin (May 24, 1984-) also known as Johan Alexander Stattin is a Swedish actor.

David Druid

David Druid (July 25, 1984 Uppsala-) is a Swedish actor.

Marcus Carlsson

Marcus Carlsson (June 4, 1984 Karlskoga-) is a Swedish film director, screenwriter, film producer, actor, film editor and theatre director.

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