French actors who deceased in 2000

Here are 7 famous actors from France died in 2000:

Christian Marquand

Christian Marquand (March 15, 1927 Marseille-November 22, 2000 Ivry-sur-Seine) also known as Cristian Marquand, Christian Marquant or Chr. Marquand was a French actor, film director and screenwriter. His child is called Yann Marquand.

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Roger Vadim

Roger Vadim (January 26, 1928 Paris-February 11, 2000 Paris) also known as Roger Vladimir Plemiannikov, R. Vadim, Vadim or Roger Vladimir Igorevich Plemyannikov was a French film director, actor, screenwriter, film producer, journalist, author and television director. He had four children, Christian Vadim, Nathalie Vadim, Vanessa Vadim and Vania Plemiannikov.

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Claude Autant-Lara

Claude Autant-Lara (August 5, 1901 Luzarches-February 5, 2000 Antibes) also known as Claude Moore, Claude Autant Lara, Claude Autant, C. Autant Lala, technical director or Autant-Lara was a French screenwriter, film director, actor, costume designer, film art director and production designer.

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Gérard Blain

Gérard Blain (October 23, 1930 Paris-December 17, 2000 Paris) also known as Gerard Blain or Blain Gérard Ernest Zéphirin was a French film director, actor and screenwriter. His child is called Paul Blain.

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Alphonse Boudard

Alphonse Boudard (December 17, 1925 Paris-January 14, 2000 Nice) was a French screenwriter, novelist, playwright and actor.

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Wolf Ackva

Wolf Ackva (June 30, 1911 Montigny-lès-Metz-January 16, 2000 Fahrenzhausen) also known as Rolf Ackva, W. Ackva or Wolf Ackwa was a French actor.

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Georges Poujouly

Georges Poujouly (January 20, 1940 Garches-October 28, 2000 Villejuif) was a French actor and voice actor.

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