French actresses who were born in 1947

Here are 14 famous actresses from France were born in 1947:

Anne Wiazemsky

Anne Wiazemsky (May 14, 1947 Berlin-) a.k.a. Princess Anne Wiazemsky is a French actor and novelist.

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Anny Duperey

Anny Duperey (June 28, 1947 Rouen-) also known as Anny Legras, Annie Duperey, Anny Dupérey, Annie Duperrey, Anny Duperrey, Annie Legras or Anny Ginette Lucienne Legras is a French novelist, actor, author and writer. Her children are called Sara Giraudeau and Gael Giraudeau.

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Juliet Berto

Juliet Berto (January 16, 1947 Grenoble-January 10, 1990 Paris) also known as Annie Jamet, Berto, Juliet Bertho, Annie, Lucienne Marie-Louise Jamet, Juliette belt or Juliette Bertho was a French screenwriter, film director and actor.

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Vivienne Chandler

Vivienne Chandler (November 6, 1947-June 6, 2013 London) also known as Holly Bush or Holly Bund was a French photographer and actor.

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Coline Serreau

Coline Serreau (October 29, 1947 Paris-) is a French film director, screenwriter, actor and film score composer. Her children are called Madeleine Besson, Nathanaël Serreau, Pierre Besson and Philippe Besson.

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Seda Aznavour

Seda Aznavour (May 21, 1947 Paris-) otherwise known as Patricia Aznavour is a French singer and actor.

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Andréa Ferréol

Andréa Ferréol (January 6, 1947 Aix-en-Provence-) a.k.a. Andrea Ferreol, Andrée, Louise Ferréol, Andréa Ferreol, Andrea Ferréol or Andréa Férreol is a French actor.

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Ludmila Mikael

Ludmila Mikael (April 27, 1947 Bois-Colombes-) a.k.a. Ludmila Mikaël is a French actor and voice actor. She has one child, Marina Hands.

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Katia Tchenko

Katia Tchenko (May 8, 1947 Versailles-) otherwise known as Catherine Kraftschenko, Katia Chenko, Katia Tschenko, Katia Kraftschenko or Katia Kueno is a French actor.

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Caroline Lagerfelt

Caroline Lagerfelt (September 23, 1947 Paris-) otherwise known as Caroline Eugenie Lagerfelt, Carolyn Lagerfelt, Caroyn Lagerfelt or Caroline Eugenie "Carolyn" Lagerfelt is a French actor.

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Firmine Richard

Firmine Richard (September 25, 1947 Pointe-à-Pitre-) also known as Richard Firmine is a French actor and voice actor. She has one child, Keneff Richard.

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Nike Arrighi

Nike Arrighi (March 9, 1947 Nice-) also known as Nikki Arrighi, Niké Arrighi, Nike Arrighi Borghese or Principessa Borghese is a French actor, artist and visual artist. She has one child, Flavia Borghese.

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Nicole Calfan

Nicole Calfan (March 4, 1947 Paris-) is a French actor. Her children are called Jeremy Valéry and Michael Valéry.

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Annie Gautrat

Annie Gautrat (July 31, 1947 Paris-) also known as Stone is a French actor and singer.

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