French musicians who were born in 1923

Here are 9 famous musicians from France were born in 1923:

Maurice Le Roux

Maurice Le Roux (February 6, 1923 Paris-October 19, 1992 Avignon) also known as Maurice Leroux was a French conductor, composer, film score composer and television producer.

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Claude Piéplu

Claude Piéplu (May 9, 1923 Paris-May 24, 2006 Paris) also known as Claude Pieplu, Piéplu or Claude Léon Auguste Piéplu was a French actor and voice actor.

His albums include and .

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Jacques Berthier

Jacques Berthier (June 27, 1923 Auxerre-June 27, 1994 Paris) was a French composer. His child is Vincent Berthier de Lioncourt.

Discography: .

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Cheikha Rimitti

Cheikha Rimitti (May 8, 1923 Algeria-May 16, 2006 Paris) a.k.a. Cheikha Remitti or Rimitti, Cheikha was a French singer.

Her most important albums: Aux sources du Raï, Cheikha Rimitti, Gjir el Baroud, Sidi Mansour and King & Queen of Rai (disc 1). Genres: Raï.

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Roger Pierre

Roger Pierre (August 30, 1923 Paris-January 23, 2010 Paris) also known as Roger-Pierre or Jean Le Gall was a French actor, comedian and screenwriter.

His albums: .

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François Chaumette

François Chaumette (September 8, 1923 Paris-February 27, 1996 Paris) also known as François Chaumette sociétaire de la Comédie Française or Jean Paul Maurice François Chaumette was a French actor. He had three children, Sarah Chaumette, Thomas Chaumette and Mary Chaumette.

His albums: , , and .

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Claude Luter

Claude Luter (July 23, 1923 Paris-October 6, 2006 Poissy) also known as Luter, Claude was a French clarinetist, actor and film score composer.

His most recognized albums: On Parade and Jazz in Paris: Sidney Bechet et Claude Luter. Genres he performed: Dixieland.

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Marcel Zanini

Marcel Zanini (September 9, 1923 Istanbul-) also known as Zanini, Marcel is a French actor. He has one child, Marc-Édouard Nabe.

His albums: Master Serie, Peu de choses and Blues and Bounce !.

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Jean Catoire

Jean Catoire (April 1, 1923-March 1, 2015) a.k.a. Catoire, Jean was a French composer.

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