Georgian music stars died at age 79

Here are 4 famous musicians from Georgia died at 79:

Suliko Jgenti

Suliko Jgenti (June 22, 1920-February 3, 2000) a.k.a. Suliko Zhgenti was a Georgian screenwriter and playwright.

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Yervand Kochar

Yervand Kochar (June 15, 1899 Tbilisi-January 22, 1979 Yerevan) was a Georgian sculptor, artist and visual artist. He had two children, Ruben Kochar and Haykaz Kocha.

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Leo Kiacheli

Leo Kiacheli (February 1, 1884-December 19, 1963 Tbilisi) also known as Leon Shengelaia or Leo Kʻiačʻeli was a Georgian writer.

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George Papashvily

George Papashvily (August 23, 1898 Kobiaantkari-March 29, 1978) was a Georgian writer.

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