German actors who were born in 1977

Here are 8 famous actors from Germany were born in 1977:

Timo Rose

Timo Rose (February 22, 1977 Germany-) is a German musician, film director, screenwriter, actor and rapper.

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Paul Kalkbrenner

Paul Kalkbrenner (June 11, 1977 Leipzig-) also known as Paul Klakbrenner, Paul dB+, Kalkito, Grenade or PK is a German disc jockey, actor and electronic musician.

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Denis Moschitto

Denis Moschitto (June 22, 1977 Cologne-) is a German actor.

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Jo Weil

Jo Weil (August 29, 1977 Frankfurt-) is a German voice actor and actor.

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Michael Fassbender

Michael Fassbender (April 2, 1977 Heidelberg-) also known as Fassy is a German actor, film producer and businessperson.

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Özgür Özata

Özgür Özata (February 17, 1977 İskenderun-) is a German actor.

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Sebastian Ströbel

Sebastian Ströbel (February 2, 1977 Karlsruhe-) is a German actor.

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Alen Hodzovic

Alen Hodzovic (May 30, 1977 Wuppertal-) is a German actor and singer.

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