German actors who deceased at age 54

Here are 10 famous actors from Germany died at 54:

Ulrich Mühe

Ulrich Mühe (June 20, 1953 Grimma-July 22, 2007 Walbeck, Börde) also known as Ulrich Muhe or Friedrich Hans Ulrich Mühe was a German actor. His children are called Anna Maria Mühe, Konrad Mühe, Andreas Mühe, Sophie Marie Mühe, Jacob Mühe and Jeanne Gröllmann.

He died caused by stomach cancer.

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Harry Meyen

Harry Meyen (August 31, 1924 Hamburg-April 15, 1979 Hamburg) also known as Harald Haubenstock was a German actor, theatre director and film director. He had one child, David Haubenstock.

He died in suicide.

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Heinrich Becker

Heinrich Becker (August 26, 1868 Schwerin-October 31, 1922 Schwerin) was a German actor.

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Julius Falkenstein

Julius Falkenstein (February 25, 1879 Berlin-December 9, 1933 Berlin) was a German actor.

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Heinz Klingenberg

Heinz Klingenberg (April 6, 1905 Bielefeld-September 12, 1959 Schweinfurt) a.k.a. Heinrich August Klingenberg gen. Westerhaus was a German actor.

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Paul Kemp

Paul Kemp (May 20, 1899 Bad Godesberg-August 13, 1953 Bad Godesberg) also known as Paul Peter Kemp, Kemp or Kemp, Paul was a German actor.

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Karl Klüsner

Karl Klüsner (August 2, 1905 Kiel-July 25, 1960 Wannsee) was a German actor.

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Gaston Briese

Gaston Briese (August 19, 1898 Berlin-March 22, 1953 Berlin) was a German actor.

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Robert Thoeren

Robert Thoeren (April 21, 1903 Brno-July 13, 1957 Munich) also known as Franz Werner, Thoeren, R. Thoeren or Robert Thorsch was a German screenwriter and actor. His child is called Konstantin Thoeren.

He died caused by traffic collision.

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Anton Pointner

Anton Pointner (December 8, 1894 Salzburg-September 8, 1949 Ramsau bei Berchtesgaden) a.k.a. Al Pointer was a German actor.

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