German actors who deceased in 1996

Here are 8 famous actors from Germany died in 1996:

Rio Reiser

Rio Reiser (January 9, 1950 Berlin-August 20, 1996 Stadum) a.k.a. Ralph Christian Mobius, Ralph Christian Möbius, R. Reiser or Rio de Galaxis was a German singer, musician, actor, film score composer, composer and songwriter.

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Claus Holm

Claus Holm (August 4, 1918 Bochum-September 21, 1996 Berlin) otherwise known as Helmut Gerhard Ozygus was a German actor.

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Alfredo B. Crevenna

Alfredo B. Crevenna (April 22, 1914 Frankfurt-August 30, 1996 Mexico) also known as Alfredo Crevenna, Alfred Crevenna or A.B. Crevenna was a German screenwriter, film director, writer, actor and film editor.

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Ulrich Beiger

Ulrich Beiger (August 26, 1918 Munich-September 18, 1996 Munich) a.k.a. Uli Beiger, Ulli Beiger or Beige Ulli was a German actor.

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Peter Pasetti

Peter Pasetti (July 8, 1916 Munich-May 23, 1996 Diessen) a.k.a. Peter Viktor Rolf Pasetti was a German actor and voice actor.

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Gustl Gstettenbaur

Gustl Gstettenbaur (March 1, 1914 Straubing-November 20, 1996 Bavaria) also known as August Ludwig Gstettenbaur, Gustl Gstettenbauer, Gustl Stark-Gestettenbaur, Gustl Stark-Gstettenbauer or Gustl Stark-Gstettenbaur was a German actor.

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Erwin Leiser

Erwin Leiser (May 16, 1923 Berlin-August 22, 1996 Zürich) was a German television director, film director, screenwriter and actor.

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Friedrich Benfer

Friedrich Benfer (August 28, 1905 Naples-January 30, 1996 Milan) also known as Enrico Benfer, Federico Benfer or Friederich Benfer was a German actor.

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