German actors who deceased in 2002

Here are 12 famous actors from Germany died in 2002:

Norbert Schultze

Norbert Schultze (January 26, 1911 Braunschweig-October 14, 2002 Bad Tölz) also known as Schultze, Norbert or Norman Schultze was a German film score composer, actor, composer, screenwriter and pianist. He had two children, Kristian Schultze and Norbert Schultze Jr..

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Frank Ripploh

Frank Ripploh (September 2, 1949 Rheine-June 22, 2002) also known as Peggy von Schnottgenberg was a German screenwriter, actor, film director and film producer.

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Tonio Selwart

Tonio Selwart (June 9, 1896 Wartenberg-November 2, 2002 New York City) a.k.a. Antonio Franz Theus Selmair-Selwart, Tony Selwart or Anton Th. Selmair was a German actor.

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Albrecht Becker

Albrecht Becker (November 14, 1906 Thale-April 22, 2002 Hamburg) a.k.a. Walter Albrecht Becker was a German photographer, actor, production designer, film art director and artist.

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Wolfgang Preiss

Wolfgang Preiss (February 27, 1910 Nuremberg-November 27, 2002 Bühl) also known as Lupo Prezzo was a German actor and voice actor.

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Klaus Löwitsch

Klaus Löwitsch (April 8, 1936 Berlin-December 3, 2002 Munich) also known as Klaus Lowitsch or Klaus Loewitsch was a German actor.

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Hans Paetsch

Hans Paetsch (December 7, 1909 Montreux-Vieux-February 3, 2002 Hamburg) a.k.a. Paetsch, Hans was a German actor.

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Heinz Drache

Heinz Drache (February 9, 1923 Essen-April 3, 2002 Berlin) was a German actor. He had one child, Angelica Drache.

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Martin Sperr

Martin Sperr (September 14, 1944 Dingolfing-Landau-April 6, 2002 Landshut) was a German actor, screenwriter and playwright.

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Helmut Zacharias

Helmut Zacharias (January 27, 1920 Berlin-February 28, 2002 Brissago) also known as Zacharias or Der Zaubergeiger (The Magic Violinist) was a German actor, musician, violinist and composer. He had one child, Stephan Zacharias.

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Heinz Welzel

Heinz Welzel (May 30, 1911 Berlin-March 26, 2002 Berlin) was a German actor.

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Ivan Desny

Ivan Desny (December 28, 1922 Beijing-April 13, 2002 Ascona) also known as Yvan Desny, Ivan Nikolai Desnitskij, Juan Desny, Ivan Nikolai Desnitzky, Иван Десни or Ivan Gums was a German actor.

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