German actors who deceased in 2008

Here are 9 famous actors from Germany died in 2008:

Horst Tappert

Horst Tappert (May 26, 1923 Elberfeld-December 13, 2008 Planegg) also known as Horst Tapper was a German actor. He had three children, Gary Tappert, Ralph Tappert and Karin Tappert.

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Dieter Eppler

Dieter Eppler (February 11, 1927 Stuttgart-April 12, 2008 Stuttgart) also known as Heinz D. Eppler, Heinz Dieter Eppler or Heinzdieter Eppler was a German actor.

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Günter Schubert

Günter Schubert (April 18, 1938 Weißwasser-January 2, 2008 Berlin) a.k.a. Günther Schubert was a German actor and voice actor. His child is called Alexander Schubert.

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Erwin Geschonneck

Erwin Geschonneck (December 27, 1906 Bartoszyce-March 12, 2008 Berlin) was a German actor. He had three children, Matti Geschonneck, Alexander Geschonneck and Fina Geschonneck.

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Hans Richter

Hans Richter (January 12, 1919 Potsdam-October 5, 2008 Heppenheim) was a German actor and film director. His children are called Hansjoachim Richter and Thomas Richter.

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Klaus-Michael Grüber

Klaus-Michael Grüber (June 4, 1941 Neckarelz-June 23, 2008 Belle Île) also known as Klaus Michael Grueber or Klaus Michael Grüber was a German film director and actor.

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Michael Hinz

Michael Hinz (December 28, 1939 Berlin-November 6, 2008 Munich) also known as Adelheid Hinz was a German actor and voice actor. His children are called Carolin van Bergen, Patrick Hinz and Viviane Hinz.

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Gert Haucke

Gert Haucke (March 13, 1929 Berlin-May 30, 2008 Lüneburg) also known as Gerd Haucke or Gert Hauke was a German actor.

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Edgar Vincent

Edgar Vincent (March 13, 1918 Hamburg-June 26, 2008 New York City) was a German actor, publicist, author and writer.

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