German actresses who were born in 1938

Here are 8 famous actresses from Germany were born in 1938:

Karin Dor

Karin Dor (February 22, 1938 Wiesbaden-) also known as Kätherose Derr or Rose Dor is a German actor.

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Romy Schneider

Romy Schneider (September 23, 1938 Vienna-May 29, 1982 7th arrondissement) otherwise known as Rosemarie Magdalena Albach-Retty, Rosemarie Magdalena Albach, Romy Schneider-Albach, Rosemarie Magdalena Schneider, Romy Albach-Retty, Puppele, miss worried, Rosemarie Magdelena Albach-Retty or Rosemarie Albach was a German actor. She had two children, Sarah Biasini and David Haubenstock.

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Nico (October 16, 1938 Cologne-July 18, 1988 Ibiza) a.k.a. Christa Paffgen, Christa Päffgen, Nicol, Krista Nico, Nico Otzak or Krista Päffgen was a German model, actor, lyricist, musician, singer-songwriter, film score composer and composer. She had one child, Christian Aaron Boulogne.

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Ingrid Caven

Ingrid Caven (August 3, 1938 Saarbrücken-) a.k.a. Ingrid Fassbinder, Ingrid Carven or Ingrid Schmidt is a German actor and singer.

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Edda Moser

Edda Moser (October 27, 1938 Berlin-) a.k.a. Edda Elisabeth Moser is a German opera singer and actor.

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Grit Bottcher

Grit Bottcher (August 10, 1938 Berlin-) also known as Grit Böttcher, Gritt Boettcher or Grit Boettcher is a German actor. She has two children, Tristan Böttcher and Nicole Belstler-Boettcher.

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Christel Bodenstein

Christel Bodenstein (October 13, 1938 Munich-) is a German actor. Her child is called Mirko Wolf.

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Heidi Genée

Heidi Genée (October 22, 1938 Berlin-September 26, 2005 Munich) also known as Heidi Rente or Heidi Genee was a German film director, screenwriter, film editor, television director, film producer, actor and television editor.

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