German actresses who were born in 1965

Here are 15 famous actresses from Germany were born in 1965:

Veronica Ferres

Veronica Ferres (June 10, 1965 Solingen-) otherwise known as Veronica Maria Cäcilia Ferres, Veronika Maria Caecilia Ferres, Ferres, Veronica, Veronika Ferres, Das Superweib or Vroni is a German actor. She has one child, Lilly Krug.

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Christina Plate

Christina Plate (April 21, 1965 Berlin-) also known as Christiane Plate is a German actor and voice actor.

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Heike Faber

Heike Faber (May 5, 1965 Berlin-) is a German actor.

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Maria Schrader

Maria Schrader (September 27, 1965 Hanover-) is a German actor, screenwriter and film director. She has one child, Felice Kaufmann.

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Katarina Witt

Katarina Witt (December 3, 1965 Staaken-) also known as Kati, Kat or Katarina the Great is a German businessperson, figure skater, model and actor.

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Juliane Köhler

Juliane Köhler (August 6, 1965 Göttingen-) a.k.a. Juliane Koehler is a German actor and voice actor.

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Anke Engelke

Anke Engelke (December 21, 1965 Montreal-) also known as Anke Christina Engelke, Anke Christina Fischer, anke_engelke or Anke Fischer is a German actor, voice actor, comedian and presenter. She has three children, Emma Grimm, Lasse Fischer and Aaron Fischer.

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Mia Korf

Mia Korf (November 1, 1965 Ithaca-) is a German actor.

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Christine Schäfer

Christine Schäfer (May 3, 1965 Frankfurt-) otherwise known as Christine Schafer or Schäfer, Christine is a German singer and actor.

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Simone Thomalla

Simone Thomalla (April 11, 1965 Leipzig-) is a German actor. Her child is called Sophia Thomalla.

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Inka Friedrich

Inka Friedrich (November 1, 1965 Freiburg im Breisgau-) is a German actor.

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Birge Schade

Birge Schade (February 7, 1965 Wilster-) is a German actor.

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Katharina Müller-Elmau

Katharina Müller-Elmau (September 13, 1965 Göttingen-) is a German actor, voice actor and musician.

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Lara Wendel

Lara Wendel (March 29, 1965 Munich-) otherwise known as Daniela Rachele Barnes or Daniela Barnes is a German actor and film producer.

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Jale Arıkan

Jale Arıkan (August 22, 1965 Istanbul-) also known as Jale Arikan is a German actor.

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