German actresses who deceased at age 49

Here are 4 famous actresses from Germany died at 49:


Nico (October 16, 1938 Cologne-July 18, 1988 Ibiza) a.k.a. Christa Paffgen, Christa Päffgen, Nicol, Krista Nico, Nico Otzak or Krista Päffgen was a German model, actor, lyricist, musician, singer-songwriter, film score composer and composer. She had one child, Christian Aaron Boulogne.

She died as a result of cerebral hemorrhage.

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Kaaren Verne

Kaaren Verne (April 6, 1918 Berlin-December 23, 1967 Hollywood) also known as Katherine Ingeborg Bechstein, Karen Verne, Ingeborg Greta Katerina Marie-Rose Klinckerfuss or Catherine Young was a German actor. She had one child, Alastair Young.

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Heidi Brühl

Heidi Brühl (January 30, 1942 Gräfelfing-June 8, 1991 Starnberg) a.k.a. Heidi Bruhl, Heidi Bruehl or Heidi Rosemarie Brühl was a German actor and singer. She had two children, Clayton Halsey and Nicole Brühl.

She died in breast cancer.

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Ruth Stephan

Ruth Stephan (October 27, 1925 Altona, Hamburg-August 8, 1975 Berlin) was a German actor.

She died as a result of lung cancer.

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