German musicians who were born in 1901

Here are 14 famous musicians from Germany were born in 1901:

Marlene Dietrich

Marlene Dietrich (December 27, 1901 Schöneberg-May 6, 1992 Paris) also known as Marie Magdalene Dietrich, Maria Magdalena Dietrich, Maria Magdalene Sieber, marlene_dietrich, Dietrich, Marlene, Marlena Dietrichová, Lena, Lene, Lili Marlene, Marlena, Marie Magdalene "Marlene" Dietrich, Marlene or Marie Magdelene Dietrich von Losch was a German singer, actor and violinist. Her child is called Maria Riva.

Her albums: Das war mein Milljöh, Immortal Songs, A Portrait of Marlene Dietrich, Der blonde Engel: Die Retrospektive (disc 4: Rare Recordings 1929-1978), Der blonde Engel, Die frühen Aufnahmen, Die großen Erfolge, Falling in Love Again, For the Boys in the Backroom and Golden Greats (disc 3).

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Werner Egk

Werner Egk (May 17, 1901 Donauwörth-July 10, 1983 Inning am Ammersee) was a German composer and conductor.

Genres: 20th-century classical music, Ballet and Opera.

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Hans Erich Apostel

Hans Erich Apostel (January 22, 1901 Karlsruhe-November 30, 1972 Vienna) also known as Apostel, Hans Erich was a German composer.

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Curt Bois

Curt Bois (April 5, 1901 Berlin-December 25, 1991 Berlin) also known as Bois, Curt or Kurt Bois was a German actor, child actor and film director.

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Ernst Pepping

Ernst Pepping (September 12, 1901 Duisburg-February 1, 1981 Spandau) also known as Pepping, Ernst was a German , .

His discography includes: Passionsbericht des Matthäus (Rundfunkchor Berlin feat. conductor: Stefan Parkman).

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Wolfgang Langhoff

Wolfgang Langhoff (October 6, 1901 Berlin-August 25, 1966 East Berlin) was a German actor and film director. His children are Thomas Langhoff and Matthias Langhoff.

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Gerhard Hüsch

Gerhard Hüsch (February 2, 1901 Hanover-November 23, 1984 Munich) also known as Gerhard Husch was a German , .

His albums: Die Zauberflöte.

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Max Lorenz

Max Lorenz (May 10, 1901 Düsseldorf-January 11, 1975 Salzburg) was a German singer.

His discography includes: Max Lorenz: Opera Arias from Richard Wagner.

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Franz Konwitschny

Franz Konwitschny (August 14, 1901 Fulnek-July 28, 1962 Belgrade) otherwise known as Konwitschny, Franz was a German teacher and conductor.

His albums include Violinkonzerte, Volume I (feat. violins: David Oistrach, Igor Oistrach), , Violin Concertos, Sinfonie Nr. 7 A-Dur op. 92, The Symphonies; Overtures and Die Walküre. Genres: Classical music.

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Berta Drews

Berta Drews (November 19, 1901 Tempelhof-April 10, 1987 Berlin) a.k.a. Drews, Berta, Berta Helene Drews or Bertha Drews was a German actor and singer. She had two children, Jan George and Götz George.

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Hans-Otto Borgmann

Hans-Otto Borgmann (October 20, 1901 Hanover-July 26, 1977 Berlin) also known as Hans Otto Borgmann, H.O. Borgmann or Hans Otto Paul Friedrich Borgmann was a German film score composer and teacher.

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José Bohr

José Bohr (September 3, 1901 Bonn-May 29, 1994 Oslo) also known as Yopes Bohr Elzer was a German screenwriter, film producer, film director, actor, film score composer and film editor.

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Frederic Loewe

Frederic Loewe (June 10, 1901 Berlin-February 14, 1988 Palm Springs) otherwise known as Frederick Loewe, Fritz Loewe, Friedrich Fritz Löwe or Lerner and Loewe was a German songwriter and composer.

Discography: Paint Your Wagon, My Fair Lady (1956 original Broadway cast), My Fair Lady, Gigi (1958 film cast), Gigi (1973 original Broadway cast), Brigadoon (1991 London studio cast), My Fair Lady, My Fair Lady (1961 original Berlin cast), My Fair Lady (Theater an der Wien) and My Fair Lady (1993 Vienna cast).

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Fita Benkhoff

Fita Benkhoff (November 1, 1901 Dortmund-October 26, 1967 Munich) a.k.a. Franziska Benkhoff or Frieda Elfriede Benkhoff was a German actor and singer.

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