German musicians who were born in 1910

Here are 13 famous musicians from Germany were born in 1910:

Bernhard Heiden

Bernhard Heiden (August 24, 1910 Frankfurt-April 30, 2000 Bloomington) also known as Bernard Heiden was a German , .

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Friedrich Schröder

Friedrich Schröder (August 6, 1910 Näfels-September 25, 1972 Berlin) otherwise known as Schröder, Friedrich or Friedrich Schroeder was a German film score composer.

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Werner Wolf Glaser

Werner Wolf Glaser (April 14, 1910 Cologne-March 29, 2006 Västerås) was a German conductor. He had one child, Etienne Glaser.

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Brigitte Mira

Brigitte Mira (April 20, 1910 Hamburg-March 8, 2005 Berlin) also known as Biggi was a German actor, cabaret artist and singer. She had two children, Thomas Tabbat and Robert Tabbat.

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Dolly Haas

Dolly Haas (April 29, 1910 Hamburg-September 16, 1994 New York City) a.k.a. Dorothy Clara Louise Haas, Dolly or Dorothy Clara Louise "Dolly" Haas was a German singer and actor. She had one child, Nina Hirschfeld.

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Kurt Feltz

Kurt Feltz (April 14, 1910 Krefeld-August 2, 1982 Pollença) also known as Feltz, Kurt was a German , .

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Tatjana Sais

Tatjana Sais (January 28, 1910 Frankfurt-February 26, 1981 Berlin) was a German actor.

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Oskar Sala

Oskar Sala (July 18, 1910 Greiz-February 26, 2002 Berlin) otherwise known as Sala, Oskar was a German film score composer.

His discography includes: Subharmonische Mixturen, My fascinating instrument, Subharmonic Mixtures, , , , and .

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Carola Höhn

Carola Höhn (January 30, 1910 Bremerhaven-November 8, 2005 Grünwald) also known as Karoline Minna Höhn or Cora Ölhahn was a German actor. She had one child, Arved-Michael Crüger.

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Martin Roman

Martin Roman (April 23, 1910 Berlin-May 12, 1996 Emerson) was a German jazz pianist.

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Gustav Neidlinger

Gustav Neidlinger (March 21, 1910 Mainz-December 26, 1991 Bad Ems) was a German singer.

His albums include Das Rheingold.

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Paul Kuën

Paul Kuën (April 8, 1910 Neuburg an der Kammel-) also known as Kuën, Paul is a German , .

His albums: Das Rheingold.

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Rudolf Kemp

Rudolf Kemp (June 14, 1910 Dresden-May 12, 1976 Zürich) also known as Rudolf Kempe or Kempe, Rudolf was a German oboist and conductor.

Discography: , Violin Concerto in D Major Op 77, Walzer, Violin Concertos / Scottish Fantasia, An Alpine Symphony / Death and Transfiguration, , , and Orchestral Works.

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