German musicians who were born in 1935

Here are 15 famous musicians from Germany were born in 1935:

Helmut Lachenmann

Helmut Lachenmann (November 27, 1935 Stuttgart-) also known as Helmuth Lachenmann is a German composer.

His most important albums: "...zwei Gefühle..." / Notturno / Interieur I (Ensemble Klangforum Wien), Allegro Sostenuto / Serynade, Orchestral Works & Chamber Music, Concertini / Kontrakadenz (Ensemble Modern), Schwankungen Am Rand (Ensemble Modern Orchestra feat. conductor: Peter Eötvös), Kontrakadenz / Klangschatten - Mein Saitenspiel / Fassade, , Disordered Systems and Das Mädchen mit den Schwefelhölzern (SWR Sinfonieorchester, feat. conductor: Sylvain Cambreling, singers: Morikawa, Tibbels, Sugawara, Hemmi). Genres he performed: Musique concrète, 20th-century classical music and Opera.

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Peter Schreier

Peter Schreier (July 29, 1935 Meissen-) also known as Schreier, Peter is a German singer and conductor.

His albums include Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (Messa 'Dell'Incoronazione' K 317, Requiem K 626, Ave verum corpus K 618) (disc 5), , Schwanengesang (feat. tenor: Peter Schreier, piano: András Schiff), Kantaten "Ich will den Kreuzstab gerne tragen", BWV 56 / "Nun komm, der Heiden Heiland", BWV 62, , Matthäus-Passion, BWV 244 (Berliner Philharmoniker feat. conductor: Herbert von Karajan) (disc 3), , The Hyperion Schubert Edition, Volume 18: Schubert & the Strophic Song, Don Giovanni (Orchester des Nationaltheaters Prag feat. conductor Karl Böhm) and .

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Percy Adlon

Percy Adlon (June 1, 1935 Munich-) a.k.a. Adlon, Percy, Paul Rudolf Parsifal Adlon or Percy is a German film director, screenwriter, television director and film producer. He has one child, Felix O. Adlon.

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Gerd Albrecht

Gerd Albrecht (July 19, 1935 Essen-February 2, 2014 Berlin) was a German conductor.

Related albums: Overtures & Preludes.

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Georg Katzer

Georg Katzer (January 10, 1935 Bystrzyca Kłodzka-) also known as Katzer, Georg is a German , .

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Erich Kunzel

Erich Kunzel (March 21, 1935 New York City-September 1, 2009 Swan's Island) also known as Kunzel, Erich was a German conductor.

His albums: The Ultimate Movie Music Collection, Scary Music, Puttin' on the Ritz: Great Hollywood Musicals, Symphonic Star Trek, The Very Best of Erich Kunzel and The Cincinnati Pops: Top 20, Down on the Farm, The Big Picture, Music of the Beatles (feat. King's Singers), Fantastic Journey and Star Tracks. Genres: Classical music.

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Ambros Seelos

Ambros Seelos (January 30, 1935 Töging am Inn-) is a German , .

Discography: , and .

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Werner Andreas Albert

Werner Andreas Albert (January 10, 1935-) also known as W. Albert is a German conductor.

His albums: The Nutcracker: Complete Ballet Music and Complete Orchestral Works.

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Karl Berger

Karl Berger (March 30, 1935 Heidelberg-) a.k.a. Berger, Karl is a German , .

His albums: No Man Is an Island, Conversations, Where Fortune Smiles, Transit, , We Are You and World-Music-Meeting.

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Wilhelm Wieben

Wilhelm Wieben (June 2, 1935 Hennstedt, Dithmarschen-) a.k.a. Wieben, Wilhelm is a German journalist.

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Dieter Hallervorden

Dieter Hallervorden (September 5, 1935 Dessau-) a.k.a. Hallervorden, Dieter, Didi Hallervorden, Dieter "Didi" Hallervorden, Didi or Dieter Jürgen Hallervorden is a German singer, comedian, actor, voice actor, entertainer, presenter, theatre director, screenwriter, television producer, cabaret artist and television director. His children are called Nathalie Hallervorden, Dieter Hallervorden Jr., Johannes Hallervorden and Laura Hallervorden.

His discography includes: Seine größten Erfolge and Du Die Wanne Ist Voll.

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Peter Herbolzheimer

Peter Herbolzheimer (December 31, 1935 Bucharest-March 27, 2010) a.k.a. Peter Herbholzheimer or Herbolzheimer, Peter was a German , .

His albums include Jazz Gala Concert, Volume 1, Harlem Story, Big Band Man, and .

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Lothar Koch

Lothar Koch (July 1, 1935 Velbert-March 16, 2003) also known as Koch, Lothar was a German oboist.

His albums: Woodwind Concertos for Clarinet, Oboe & Bassoon and .

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Wolfgang Dauner

Wolfgang Dauner (December 30, 1935 Stuttgart-) a.k.a. Dauner, Wolfgang or Et Cetera is a German musician, composer, film score composer and keyboard player. He has one child, Florian Dauner.

His discography includes: Rischka's Soul, Output, , , , Changes, Pas de Trois and One Night in '88. Genres he performed include Kozmigroov and Jazz fusion.

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Arvo Pärt

Arvo Pärt (September 11, 1935 Paide-) otherwise known as Pärt, Arvo Part, A. Pärt, Part, Arvo, Avro Part, Pärt, Arvo, Aruvo Peruto, Arvo Paert or A. Part is a German film score composer and composer. He has one child, Michael Pärt.

Discography: Tabula Rasa, Passio, Arbos, Miserere, Cello Concerto "Pro et contra" / Perpetuum Mobile / Symphony no. 1 "Polyphonic" / Symphony no. 2 / Symphony no. 3, Te Deum, Fratres / Tabula rasa / Spiegel im Spiegel / Summa / Festina lente / Cantus in memoriam Benjamin Britten, Litany, Beatus and De Profundis. Genres he performed include Contemporary classical music and Minimal music.

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