Irish music stars born in 1945

Here are 5 famous musicians from Republic of Ireland were born in 1945:

Brenda Fricker

Brenda Fricker (February 17, 1945 Dublin-) is an Irish actor.

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Christy Moore

Christy Moore (May 7, 1945 Newbridge, County Kildare-) a.k.a. Moore, Christy or Christopher Andrew Moore is an Irish singer, guitarist, songwriter and musician.

His most well known albums: Prosperous, Christy Moore (The Black Album), The Time Has Come, Ride On, Ordinary Man, The Spirit of Freedom, Unfinished Revolution, Voyage, Smoke & Strong Whiskey and The Christy Moore Collection 81-91. Genres he performed include Folk music, Pop music, Folk music of Ireland, Irish rebel music and Music of Ireland.

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Jackie Daly

Jackie Daly (June 22, 1945 Kanturk-) is an Irish musician.

His albums: Many's a Wild Night and Eavesdropper. Genres he performed: Folk music of Ireland and Music of Ireland.

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Johnny McEvoy

Johnny McEvoy (April 24, 1945 Banagher-) also known as McEvoy, Johnny is an Irish singer and entertainer.

His discography includes: Going to California and Celebration.

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Liam O'Flynn

Liam O'Flynn (April 15, 1945 Kill, County Kildare-) also known as Liam Ó Floinn, O'Flynn, Liam, Liam O'Flionn or O'Flionn, Liam is an Irish musician.

His albums: The Art of Piping, The Poet & The Piper, The Piper's Call, The Given Note, Out to an Other Side, The Pilgrim (The Glasgow Philharmonic Orchestra feat. conductor: Iain Sutherland) and The Fire Aflame. Genres related to him: Folk music of Ireland.

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