German music stars who deceased at age 45

Here are 8 famous musicians from Germany died at 45:

Carl von Donop

Carl von Donop (January 1, 1732-October 25, 1777) was a German personality.

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Gustav Simon

Gustav Simon (August 2, 1900-December 18, 1945 Paderborn) was a German politician.

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Matthias Erzberger

Matthias Erzberger (September 20, 1875 Münsingen-August 26, 1921 Bad Peterstal-Griesbach) was a German politician.

He died in assassination.

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Julius Friedrich Cohnheim

Julius Friedrich Cohnheim (July 20, 1839 Demmin-August 15, 1884 Leipzig) a.k.a. Dr. Julius Friedrich Cohnheim was a German physician.

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Fritz Haarmann

Fritz Haarmann (October 25, 1879 Hanover-April 15, 1925 Hanover) otherwise known as Friedrich "Fritz" Haarmann or The Butcher of Hannover was a German personality.

He died in decapitation.

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Johann Michael Bach

Johann Michael Bach (August 9, 1648 Arnstadt-May 17, 1694 Gehren) also known as Bach, Johann Michael was a German personality. He had one child, Maria Barbara Bach.

His albums: .

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Therese Brandl

Therese Brandl (February 1, 1902 Staudach-Egerndach-January 28, 1948 Kraków) was a German personality.

She died caused by hanging.

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Friedrich Ueberweg

Friedrich Ueberweg (January 22, 1826 Leichlingen-June 9, 1871 Königsberg) was a German personality.

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