German music stars who deceased at age 67

Here are 21 famous musicians from Germany died at 67:

Heinrich Karl Brugsch

Heinrich Karl Brugsch (February 18, 1827 Berlin-September 9, 1894 Charlottenburg) was a German personality.

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Hermann Busenbaum

Hermann Busenbaum (September 19, 1600 Nottuln-January 31, 1668 Münster) was a German personality.

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Franz Rademacher

Franz Rademacher (February 20, 1906 Neustrelitz-March 17, 1973 Bonn) was a German personality.

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Carl Friedrich Heinrich Credner

Carl Friedrich Heinrich Credner (March 13, 1809 Waltershausen-September 28, 1876 Halle) was a German geologist. He had one child, Carl Hermann Credner.

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August Willich

August Willich (November 19, 1810 Braniewo-January 22, 1878 St. Marys) was a German personality.

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Marie Seebach

Marie Seebach (February 24, 1830 Riga-August 3, 1897 St. Moritz) was a German personality.

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Johann Friedrich Franz Burgmüller

Johann Friedrich Franz Burgmüller (December 4, 1806 Regensburg-February 13, 1874) also known as Johann Friedrich Franz Burgmuller, Friedrich Burgmüller, Friedrich Burgmuller or Burgmüller, Friedrich was a German personality.

His discography includes: 25 Progressive Pieces Opus 100 for the Piano and Original Music for cello and guitar.

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Georg Friedrich Wilhelm Rümker

Georg Friedrich Wilhelm Rümker (December 31, 1832-March 3, 1900) also known as Georg Friedrich Wilhelm Rumker was a German personality.

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August Kautz

August Kautz (January 5, 1828 Baden-September 4, 1895 Seattle) was a German personality.

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Johann Georg Pisendel

Johann Georg Pisendel (December 26, 1687 Cadolzburg-November 25, 1755 Dresden) otherwise known as Pisendel, Johan George was a German violinist.

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Hans Sachs

Hans Sachs (June 6, 1877 Katowice-March 25, 1945 Dublin) was a German scientist.

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Helmut Körnig

Helmut Körnig (September 12, 1905 Berlin-March 5, 1973 Dortmund) a.k.a. Helmut Kornig was a German personality.

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Bernhard Lichtenberg

Bernhard Lichtenberg (December 3, 1875 Oława-November 5, 1943 Berlin) was a German personality.

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Walter Baade

Walter Baade (March 24, 1893 Preußisch Oldendorf-June 25, 1960 Göttingen) was a German astronomer.

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Leo von Caprivi

Leo von Caprivi (February 24, 1831 Charlottenburg-February 6, 1899 Skórzyn, Lubusz Voivodeship) was a German personality.

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Heinrich Brandt

Heinrich Brandt (November 8, 1886-October 9, 1954 Halle) was a German mathematician.

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Karl Ferdinand Braun

Karl Ferdinand Braun (June 6, 1850 Fulda-April 20, 1918 Brooklyn) was a German physicist and inventor.

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Fernando Wagner

Fernando Wagner (November 7, 1905 Göttingen-October 20, 1973 Cuernavaca) otherwise known as Ferdinand Wagner was a German film director, actor, television director and cinematographer.

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Werner von Blomberg

Werner von Blomberg (September 2, 1878 Stargard Szczeciński-March 14, 1946 Nuremberg) also known as Rubber Lion or Werner Eduard Fritz von Blomberg was a German military officer.

He died as a result of cancer.

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Oskar Panizza

Oskar Panizza (November 12, 1853 Bad Kissingen-September 28, 1921 Bayreuth) was a German writer and novelist.

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Ernst von Schuch

Ernst von Schuch (November 23, 1846 Graz-May 10, 1914 Dresden) was a German conductor.

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