German music stars who deceased at age 72

Here are 24 famous musicians from Germany died at 72:

Ulrich Plenzdorf

Ulrich Plenzdorf (October 26, 1934 Berlin-August 9, 2007 Berlin) was a German screenwriter, author and dramaturge.

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Georg Waitz

Georg Waitz (October 9, 1813 Flensburg-May 24, 1886 Berlin) was a German personality.

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Georg Konrad Morgen

Georg Konrad Morgen (June 8, 1909 Frankfurt-February 4, 1982) also known as Judge Georg Konrad Morgen or Konrad Morgen was a German judge.

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Waldemar Bonsels

Waldemar Bonsels (February 21, 1880 Ahrensburg-July 31, 1952) was a German novelist.

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Ernst Wilhelm von Brücke

Ernst Wilhelm von Brücke (July 6, 1819 Berlin-January 7, 1892 Vienna) otherwise known as Ernst Wilhelm von Brucke or Dr. Ernst Wilhelm von Brücke was a German physician and scientist.

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Carl Sprengel

Carl Sprengel (March 29, 1787-April 19, 1859) was a German botanist.

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Johann Carl Gottfried Loewe

Johann Carl Gottfried Loewe (November 30, 1796 Löbejün-April 20, 1869 Kiel) also known as Johann Carl Gottfried Lowe, Johann Karl Gottfried Loewe, Karl Loewe, Carl Loewe or Loewe, Carl was a German personality.

His albums include Balladen (feat. baritone: Thomas Quasthoff), , , , , , , , and . Genres: Lied.

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Anton Diffring

Anton Diffring (October 20, 1916 Koblenz-May 19, 1989 Châteauneuf) also known as Alfred Pollack, Anthony Diffring, Antony Diffring or Anton de Vient was a German actor.

He died in unknown causes.

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Franz Xaver Schwarz

Franz Xaver Schwarz (November 27, 1875 Günzburg-December 2, 1947 Regensburg) was a German personality.

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Emil Puhl

Emil Puhl (August 28, 1889 Berlin-April 5, 1962 Hamburg) was a German personality.

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Otto Sander

Otto Sander (June 30, 1941 Hanover-September 12, 2013 Berlin) also known as Sander, Otto was a German actor, voice actor, theatre director and film director. He had one child, Meret Becker.

His most important albums: , , and .

He died in esophageal cancer.

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Johann von Miquel

Johann von Miquel (February 19, 1829 Neuenhaus-September 8, 1901 Frankfurt) was a German politician.

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Oskar Anderson

Oskar Anderson (August 2, 1887 Minsk-February 12, 1960 Munich) was a German statistician and mathematician.

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Otto Zöckler

Otto Zöckler (May 27, 1833 Grünberg, Hesse-February 19, 1906 Greifswald) also known as Otto Zockler was a German writer.

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Ernst Hartwig

Ernst Hartwig (January 14, 1851-May 3, 1923) was a German personality.

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Johann Adam Ackermann

Johann Adam Ackermann (April 5, 1780 Mainz-March 27, 1853 Frankfurt) was a German personality.

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Philipp Foltz

Philipp Foltz (May 11, 1805 Bingen am Rhein-August 5, 1877 Munich) was a German personality.

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Walter Ehrlich

Walter Ehrlich (May 16, 1896 Berlin-December 26, 1968) was a German philosopher.

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Karl Schwarz

Karl Schwarz (November 19, 1812 Wiek, Rügen-March 25, 1885 Gotha) was a German personality.

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Ernst Gottlieb von Steudel

Ernst Gottlieb von Steudel (May 30, 1783-May 12, 1856) was a German physician and botanist.

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Erwin Blumenfeld

Erwin Blumenfeld (January 26, 1897 Berlin-July 4, 1969 Rome) was a German photographer.

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Leah Rabin

Leah Rabin (April 8, 1928 Königsberg-November 12, 2000 Jerusalem) a.k.a. First lady Lea Rabin, Lea Rabin or Leah Schlossberg was a German actor. She had one child, Yuval Rabin.

She died caused by lung cancer.

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Gustav Spörer

Gustav Spörer (October 23, 1822 Berlin-July 7, 1895 Giessen) also known as Gustav Sporer was a German personality.

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Sabina of Bavaria

Sabina of Bavaria (April 24, 1492 Munich-August 30, 1564 Nürtingen) was a German personality. Her child is called Christoph, Duke of Württemberg.

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