Greek musicians born in 1955

Here are 5 famous musicians from Greece were born in 1955:

Stamatis Kraounakis

Stamatis Kraounakis (December 25, 1955 Athens-) also known as Kraounakis, Stamatis is a Greek composer.

His discography includes: , , , Τι ειν' η πατρίδα μας, Dying in Athens, , Edo Imaste, Κυκλοφορώ κι οπλοφορώ, and . Genres: Film score and Musical theatre.

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Lia Vissi

Lia Vissi (May 15, 1955 Pyla-) also known as Olympia Vissi is a Greek politician, singer, singer-songwriter, composer and actor.

Genres she performed include Jazz.

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Angela Dimitriou

Angela Dimitriou (August 18, 1955 Peristeri-) a.k.a. Antzela Dimitriou or Dimitriou, Angela is a Greek singer.

Her discography includes: Kyria me gnorises, kyria tha meino..., Angela Dimitriou, Gia Ti Na 'rtheis Arga, Oti Poume Metaxi Mas, Peste Tou, Poia Thisia, Dio Fones, Kanonise To, Mia S'agapo Mia Se Miso and Na Sou Orkisto.

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Lefteris Pantazis

Lefteris Pantazis (March 27, 1955 Tashkent-) a.k.a. Lefterhs Padazhs, Pantazis, Lefteris, Pantazis, LEPA, Eleftherios Pagkozidis or Eleftherios Pagozidis is a Greek singer. He has one child, Connie Pantazis.

His albums: .

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Gregoris Valtinos

Gregoris Valtinos (August 7, 1955 Thessaloniki-) also known as Γρηγόρης Βαλτινός is a Greek , .

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