Greek musicians died at 45

Here are 4 famous musicians from Greece died at 45:

Nikolaos Skalkottas

Nikolaos Skalkottas (March 21, 1904 Chalcis-September 19, 1949 Athens) also known as Nikos Skalkottas or Skalkottas, Nikos was a Greek composer and violinist.

His albums: String Quartets no. 3 & no. 4, Dances With Winds, , 36 Greek Dances / The Return of Ulysses, Chamber Music, Concerto for Two Violins / Music for Wind Instruments & Piano, , , Classical Greece: The Music of Nikos Skalkottas and The Maiden and Death, ballet suite / Piano Concerto no. 1 / Ouvertüre Concertante. Genres he performed: 20th-century classical music.

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Konstantinos Davakis

Konstantinos Davakis (April 5, 1897-January 21, 1943 Adriatic Sea) was a Greek personality.

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Georgios Karaiskakis

Georgios Karaiskakis (January 23, 1782 Agrafa-April 23, 1827 Athens) also known as The Nun’s Son was a Greek soldier. He had four children, Pinelopi Karaiskakis, Dimitrios Karaiskakis, Eleni Karaiskakis and Spyridon Karaiskakis.

He died as a result of killed in action.

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Alexandros Chapsiadis

Alexandros Chapsiadis (May 29, 1946-April 5, 1992) was a Greek personality.

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