Hungarian actors born in 1956

Here are 6 famous actors from Hungary were born in 1956:

Gábor Dettre

Gábor Dettre (September 24, 1956 Debrecen-) also known as Gabe Dettre, Gabor Von Dettre, Detre Gábor or Gabe von Dettre is a Hungarian film director, screenwriter, television director, film producer, actor and film editor.

András Salamon

András Salamon (October 6, 1956 Budapest-) also known as Andras Salamon is a Hungarian screenwriter, film director, actor and professor.

Péter Tihanyi

Péter Tihanyi (June 29, 1956 Elek-) is a Hungarian actor.

Sándor Gáspár

Sándor Gáspár (April 9, 1956 Szentes-) is a Hungarian actor and voice actor. He has two children, Kata Gáspár and Gergely Gáspár.

Gábor Vass

Gábor Vass (June 23, 1956 Heves County-) is a Hungarian actor and voice actor.

István Basa

István Basa (February 9, 1956 Budapest-) is a Hungarian actor.

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