Hungarian actors who died due to Lung cancer

Here are 3 famous actors from Hungary died in Lung cancer:

Miklós Jancsó

Miklós Jancsó (September 27, 1921 Vác-January 31, 2014 Budapest) also known as Miklos Jancso or Mikos Jancso was a Hungarian film director, screenwriter and actor. He had four children, Katalin Jancsó, Nyika Jancsó, Dávid Jancsó and Zoltán Jancsó.

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Imre Sinkovits

Imre Sinkovits (September 21, 1928 Kispest-January 18, 2001 Budapest) a.k.a. Sinkovics Imre was a Hungarian actor and voice actor. He had two children, András Sinkovits-Vitay and Mariann Sinkovits.

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Lajos Őze

Lajos Őze (April 27, 1935 Szentes-October 21, 1984 Budapest) also known as Oze Louis, Lajos Oze, Õze Lajos or Lajos Õze was a Hungarian actor. He had two children, Áron Öze and Gábor Őze.

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