Hungarian actresses born in 1926

Here are 5 famous actresses from Hungary were born in 1926:

Lena Daras

Lena Daras (February 26, 1926 Budapest-February 1, 1990) also known as Léna Darás or Darázs Léna was a Hungarian actor.

Edit Kéry

Edit Kéry (December 13, 1926 Budapest-) also known as Kéri Edit, Kéri Edith or Kéry Edith is a Hungarian actor and historian.

Teréz Bod

Teréz Bod (October 25, 1926 Karcag-December 28, 2000 Budapest) also known as Bod Teri was a Hungarian actor.

Mária Kovács

Mária Kovács (March 21, 1926 Keszthely-July 19, 2003) was a Hungarian actor.

Marta Rafael

Marta Rafael (February 26, 1926 Budapest-) is a Hungarian singer and actor.

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