Indian movie stars died in 2007

Here are 14 famous actors from India died in 2007:

P. Bhaskaran

P. Bhaskaran (April 21, 1924 Kodungallur-February 25, 2007 Thiruvananthapuram) a.k.a. Pulloottupadathu Bhaskara Menon or Bhaskaran P was an Indian journalist, film director, poet, lyricist and actor.

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G. P. Sippy

G. P. Sippy (September 14, 1914 Hyderabad-December 25, 2007 Mumbai) a.k.a. Gopaldas Parmanand Sippy or Gopaldas Parmanand Sipahimalani was an Indian film producer, film director and actor. He had three children, Ramesh Sippy, Suresh Sippy and Sunita Sippy.

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C. V. Sreeraman

C. V. Sreeraman (February 7, 1931 Cheruthuruthi-October 10, 2007 Thrissur) also known as C.V. Sriraman was an Indian writer, actor and screenwriter.

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Vijay Arora

Vijay Arora (December 27, 1944 India-February 2, 2007 Mumbai) also known as Vijay Kumar Arora or Vijay Arora "Punjabi" was an Indian actor. He had one child, Farhad Vijay Arora.

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Yunus Parvez

Yunus Parvez (November 27, 2014 Mumbai-February 11, 2007 Mumbai) otherwise known as Yunus Pravez, Younus Parvez, Unis Parvaz, Unus Parvais, Yunus Pervaiz, Yunus Parwez, Yunus Parviz, Yunus Parveez, Yunuz Pervez, Yunus Perwaiz, Yunus Parwaiz, Yunus Pervez, Yunus Parvaiz, Yunas Parwaiz, Yunas Perwez, Parvej, Pervez, Parveez or Parwez was an Indian actor. He had one child, Salim Parvez.

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Dhulipala Seetarama Sastry

Dhulipala Seetarama Sastry (September 24, 1921 Guntur-April 13, 2007 Guntur) otherwise known as Dhulipala, Sita Rama Sastry Dhulipala, Dhoolipala, Dhulipala Seetarama Sastry or Dhulipala Seetharama Sastry was an Indian actor.

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Satyendra Kapoor

Satyendra Kapoor (November 27, 2014 Panipat-October 27, 2007 Mumbai) a.k.a. Satendra Kapoor, Satyendra, Saytendra Kumar, Satyan Kapoo, Satyen Kappoo, Satyn Kappu, Satyendra Kumar, Satyender, Satyendra Kapoo, Satyeen Kapoo, Satyan Kappo, Satyen Kapoo, Sathyan Kumar, Satyan Kappu, Satyandra Kappu, Satyendra Kumar Kappu, Satyan Kappoo or Satyendra Kappu was an Indian actor.

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Subhendu Chatterjee

Subhendu Chatterjee (November 29, 1936 Kolkata-July 5, 2007 Kolkata) a.k.a. Subhendu Chatterji or Subhendu Chattopadhyay was an Indian actor. He had one child, Saswata Chatterjee.

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Vijayan (May 17, 1944 Kozhikode-September 22, 2007 Chennai) was an Indian actor, screenwriter and film director.

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Ravi Menon

Ravi Menon (November 27, 2014 Sreekrishnapuram-I-November 25, 2007 Perintalmanna) was an Indian actor.

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Shail Chaturvedi

Shail Chaturvedi (June 29, 1936 Amravati-October 29, 2007 Malad) was an Indian lyricist, actor and poet. His child is called Vihan Chaturvedi.

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Nabendu Ghosh

Nabendu Ghosh (March 27, 1917 Dhaka-December 15, 2007) also known as Nabendhu Ghosh, Nabyendu Ghosh, Nobendu Ghosh, Nebendhu Ghosh, Nebendu Ghosh or Navendu Ghosh was an Indian writer, actor, screenwriter and film director. He had two children, Shubhankar Ghosh and Ratnottama Sengupta.

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Tejeshwar Singh

Tejeshwar Singh (November 27, 2014-December 15, 2007 Mussoorie) was an Indian actor.

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Sreedhar Surapaneni

Sreedhar Surapaneni was an Indian actor.

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