Indian movie actresses deceased in Cancer

Here are 5 famous actresses from India died in Cancer:

Simple Kapadia

Simple Kapadia (August 15, 1958 Edinburgh-November 10, 2009 Andheri) also known as Simple Kapadiya or Simple was an Indian actor, model and costume designer.

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Ragini (November 27, 2014 Thiruvananthapuram-December 30, 1976) also known as Ragini Sona or Regini was an Indian actor, film producer and ballet dancer. She had two children, Priya Thampi and Lakshmi Thampi.

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Laxmi Chhaya

Laxmi Chhaya (January 7, 1948-May 9, 2004 Mumbai) also known as Laxmi Chaya, Lakshmi Chaya, Lakshmi Chhaya, Laxmi Chayya or Laxmichhaya was an Indian actor.

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Nutan (June 4, 1936 Mumbai-February 21, 1991 India) otherwise known as Nutan Behl, Nutan Rajnish Behl, Late Smt. Nutan Behl, Nutan Samarth or Nutan Samarth Behl was an Indian actor. Her child is called Mohnish Bahl.

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Chandrakala a.k.a. Chandrkala was an Indian actor.

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