Indonesian movie actresses born in the year 1965

Here are 5 famous actresses from Indonesia were born in 1965:

Meriam Bellina

Meriam Bellina (April 10, 1965 Bandung-) also known as Ellisa Meriam Bellina Maria Bamboe or Maria Eliza Bellina Bamboe is an Indonesian singer and actor. She has two children, Albert Surya and Nigel Pino.

Fanny Bauty

Fanny Bauty (October 22, 1965 West Sumatra-) is an Indonesian actor and singer. Her children are called Shireen Sungkar, Zaskia Sungkar, Yusuf Averoes Sungkar and Jamilah Sungkar.


Memes (May 6, 1965 Jakarta-) is an Indonesian singer, actor and model. Her child is called Kevin Aprilio.

Bella Esperance

Bella Esperance (June 6, 1965 Singapore-) is an Indonesian actor.

Sylvana Herman

Sylvana Herman (December 15, 1965 Jakarta-) is an Indonesian actor.

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