Indonesian musicians died when they were 61

Here are 7 famous musicians from Indonesia died at 61:

Eko Maulana Ali

Eko Maulana Ali (September 26, 1951 Bangka–Belitung Islands-July 30, 2013 Kuningan) was an Indonesian politician.

He died as a result of renal failure.

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Armijn Pane

Armijn Pane (August 18, 1908 Indonesia-February 16, 1970) a.k.a. A. Banner, Empe, Kartono, Adinata, A. Mada or A. Soul was an Indonesian personality.

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Sofia W.D.

Sofia W.D. (October 12, 1924 Bandung-July 23, 1986 Jakarta) a.k.a. Sofia Waldi, Sofia, Sofi or Sofia WD was an Indonesian actor and film director.

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Sutomo (October 3, 1920 Surabaya-October 7, 1981 Mount Arafat) was an Indonesian personality.

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Ami Priyono

Ami Priyono (October 23, 1939 Jakarta-June 7, 2001 Jakarta) a.k.a. Ami Prijono, Lembu Amiluhur Priyawardhana Priyono or Ami Pirjono was an Indonesian film director, actor and film art director.

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Kuntowijoyo (September 18, 1943 Bantul-February 22, 2005 Yogyakarta) was an Indonesian writer, historian and author. He had two children, Punang Amaripuja and Alun Paradipta.

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Fifi Young

Fifi Young (January 12, 1914 Aceh-March 5, 1975 Jakarta) also known as Fifi Joung, Nonie Tan or Tan Kiem Nio was an Indonesian actor. She had one child, Sally Young.

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