Iranian actors died in 2008

Here are 3 famous actors from Iran died in 2008:

Khosrow Shakibai

Khosrow Shakibai (March 27, 1944 Tehran-July 18, 2008 Tehran) also known as Mahmoud, Shakibā'í, Khosrow, Khosro Shakibaii, Khosrow Shakibā'í or Shakibai was an Iranian actor. He had two children, Poupak Shakibai and Pouryā Shakibai.

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Esmail Davarfar

Esmail Davarfar (November 27, 2014 Tehran-November 27, 2014 Tehran) was an Iranian actor.

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Nader Ebrahimi

Nader Ebrahimi (April 3, 1936 Tehran-June 5, 2008 Tehran) was an Iranian writer, film director, actor, screenwriter, photographer, novelist and film score composer.

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