Irish actresses born in 1977

Here are 5 famous actresses from Republic of Ireland were born in 1977:

Caroline Morahan

Caroline Morahan (August 9, 1977 Drogheda-) is an Irish actor and television presenter.

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Eileen Walsh

Eileen Walsh (April 16, 1977 Cork-) is an Irish actor. She has one child, Tippi McCaffer.

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Lisa Dwan

Lisa Dwan (November 25, 1977 Coosan-) also known as Lisa Duane is an Irish actor.

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Melanie Clark Pullen

Melanie Clark Pullen (July 2, 1977 Bray-) also known as Melanie Pullen is an Irish actor.

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Sinead Keenan

Sinead Keenan (December 27, 1977 Dublin-) also known as SinĂȘad Keenan or SinĂ©ad Keenan is an Irish actor.

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