Irish music stars born in 1957

Here are 6 famous musicians from Republic of Ireland were born in 1957:

Denis Leary

Denis Leary (August 18, 1957 Worcester-) a.k.a. Denis Colin Leeary, Dennis Leary, Denis Colin Leary or "Dr. Denis Leary" is an Irish comedian, actor, film producer, television producer, screenwriter, author, stand-up comedian, voice actor, film director and writer. He has two children, John Joseph Leary and Devin Leary.

His most important albums: Asshole & Rehab, Asshole, Merry F#%$in' Christmas and compilation.

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Phil Chevron

Phil Chevron (June 17, 1957 Dublin-October 8, 2013 Dublin) a.k.a. Philip Chevron, Phillip Chevron or Chevron, Philip was an Irish guitarist.

Discography: The Captains and the Kings. Genres he performed include Celtic punk, Folk rock, Folk punk and Celtic rock.

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Shane MacGowan

Shane MacGowan (December 25, 1957 Royal Tunbridge Wells-) also known as Shane McGowan, MacGowan, Shane, Shane Patrick Lysaght MacGowan, Shane McEwen, The Pogues, Pogues or ShaneyMac is an Irish singer, musician and singer-songwriter.

His discography includes: My Way, What a Wonderful World, Haunted, You're the One and I Put a Spell on You. Genres he performed include Rock music, Celtic rock, Celtic punk, Punk rock, Celtic music, Folk music, Folk rock and Folk punk.

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Kevin Wallace

Kevin Wallace (June 19, 1957 Limerick-) is an Irish theatrical producer and actor.

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Siobhán McCarthy

Siobhán McCarthy (November 6, 1957 Dublin-) a.k.a. Siobhán Mary Ann McCarthy or Siobhan McCarthy is an Irish actor and singer. Her children are called Kieran Bruce and Juliet Bruce.

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Finbar Wright

Finbar Wright (September 26, 1957 Kinsale-) also known as Wright, Finbar is an Irish singer, poet, musician and songwriter.

His albums include Whatever You Believe, Because and A Tribute to John McCormack. Genres he performed: Jazz and Pop music.

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