Israeli actors died in 2014

Here are 3 famous actors from Israel died in 2014:

Menahem Golan

Menahem Golan (May 31, 1929 Tiberias-August 8, 2014 Jaffa) also known as Joseph Goldman, Menachem Golam, Menachem Golan or Menahem Globus was an Israeli film director, film producer, screenwriter, actor and writer.

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Assi Dayan

Assi Dayan (November 23, 1945 Nahalal-May 1, 2014 Tel Aviv) a.k.a. Assaf Dayan or Asaf Dayan was an Israeli actor, film director, screenwriter and film producer. His children are called Avner Dayan, Amalia Dayan, Lior Dayan and Assia Neumann Dayan.

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Avraham Heffner

Avraham Heffner (May 7, 1935 Haifa-September 19, 2014 Tel Aviv) also known as Avram Heffner or Avram Hefner was an Israeli screenwriter, author, film director, professor, writer and actor.

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